Curl Keeper

Twist Out with the Curl Keeper
Twist Out with the Curl Keeper
Twist Out with the Curl Keeper

I can’t tell you how elated I am just to be able to announce this. It was quite a challenge because I was trying to offer naturals from Holland who live in a humid climate, an option to keep their curls in for longer than one day. No matter if it’s a Twist Out or just natural curls, many women often complain that their hair goes poofy by the end of the day and sometimes even earlier, after spending hours twisting their hair and then taking it out.


I knew exactly what they were talking about. My first ever twist out changed into a shrunken “froish” twist out style even before the night ended when I attended a party near Amsterdam. The image of my hair that night is forever ingrained in my brain. Some women would have freaked out and maybe felt ashamed but not me. The image never fails to make me smile.

You see, I was just starting to know my hair. Yes, I had been natural for a while but up until then I had only worn Surinamese Bantus (tucked in braids) and I tried a flat twist something style that umm let me say it like this, I wouldn’t wear anymore, lol.

So when I saw my twist out that night before leaving the house, I thought hmm, mighty nice. I had no idea how poofy nappy hair could get. Later that night when I was looking in the mirror I thought huh, where did my style go? At the same time though it was a wondrous experience to see the nappiness of my hair. Even though there was no real shape or style I just couldn’t be mad or ashamed. It just was. It just was my hair and I didn’t have a problem with it.

That was a few years back. My Twist Outs became a lot better since than, especially when I start learning about products and ingredients. Now I can finally say that I have two great products to keep a twist out in your hair; the Twist Out Hair Milk and the Curl Keeper.  I don’t even have a label for this new one yet but you can already order it for a special price until the real labels come in. Check it out here: Curl Keeper.

O, and of course I didn’t forget about the Thanksgiving giveway. I truly enjoyed reading your responses. I should do it more often. So the winner of this giveway, and there are more coming, is Cassandra Mills. 

The other good thing this week, I have started a new group for Bloggers and Vloggers. Check it out and join us!


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