Gordon Parks Exhibit Video

crown of locs

Remember when my work was chosen for the Gordon Parks Exhibit this summer? I was absolutely elated and now the video is out!

It is not every day that your work is being chosen to honor someone like the great Gordon Parks.

It was such a great exhibit. I felt deeply humbled and was greatly inspired to be in the midst of so many different and great artists. Hopefully you get a little bit of that feel when watching the video.

This image is part of my exhibition collection named the Bad Hair Uprooted.

The works chosen are this photo named Crown of Locs and another one called Top Locs.

Top Locs Loced hairstyle
Top Locs

Crown of Locs was taken at the International African Arts Festival 2011.The model is Shakilla whom I shot before. She is a joy to picture. Not only does she have waist length locs, she changes them into art. Just like you see in this picture and then she also proudly wears her crown like no one else.

Shakilla also has a profie here. You can see more of her styles: Shakilla the Master Loc Sculptor finally claimed her spot

Thank you Shakila. For being you and allowing me to shoot you the way you are.



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