Nominated for the Master Pioneer Award

Honorees of The Master Pioneer Award 2013
Honorees of The Master Pioneer Award 2013
Honorees of The Master Pioneer Award 2013

Yes, is nominated for the Master Pioneer Award! Of course I am humbled and proud but more than anything I am elated and I want you, all of you members, followers and fans, who supported me and over the years, to join me at the ceremony if you can. You are pioneer followers and you deserve to be there.

So, scratch that, just make sure you can be there! I can promise you that it will be the most wonderful natural hair event you have ever attended. Just take a look at the video then try to tell me otherwise.

Here is why I think you should make it to this one event in 2015 if make no other one.

At the Masters no one is trying to sell you anything. You will just be surrounded and inspired by some of the great minds that not just kept our follicles alive in a time when natural was looked down upon. You will be in the company of souls that elevated natural hairstyling and took it from an underappreciated backroom business to an unprecedented level of professionalism. That laid the foundation for endless opportunities for us as a people but also elevated the idea of beauty.

A new Beauty Standard

The Masters are the artists who took pride in their work and added a whole new dimension to the world of beauty we are surrounded by today, not just locally, not just on a national level but worldwide!

As a girl growing up in Suriname I can attest to the international impact American natural hairstyles have had and still have on a small country in South America.

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Business opportunities

Then there is also the opportunity to pay homage to the Masters who laid the foundation for many women to start their own business.

I am not just talking about the 5,000 natural hair salons that have opened up since the 80’s but all the natural hair care brands that are available right now are an attest to the Master’s vision and the list continues.

Without the foundation these natural hairstylists started to build we wouldn’t have all the hair care products that we have right now and there is more. Magazines, accessories, t-shirts and even Internet businesses like mine wouldn’t exists without the Masters. 

Here is why I not just support but absolutely LOVE the Master Pioneer Award and have a deep admiration for the Masters themselves.

Before the digital age and the www revolution it were these women, often starting in their kitchen, braiding and twisting hair creating the foundation for the movement we see today. At a time when natural hair was looked down upon it were the Masters who cared for our follicles with a pride that just couldn’t destroy our roots. These stylists are the founding fathers and mothers of the natural hair movement.

When I was going natural the styles of these Master Stylists inspired me to try new styles.

They inspired me to use my expertise in 2002 to create the first Dutch website about natural hair to spread the beauty of natural hair and change the stereotypical perception.

As a pioneer I felt compelled to use my Master Degree in IT to share their art with the rest of the world and I am deeply honored to be nominated for such a prestigious award.

So, please just click to join and register for the Master Pioneer Award 2015. I am looking forward celebrating the award with you!




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