Going-Natural.com 2014 in Review


In 2014 Going-Natural.com Social Network connected 80.000 Members, Followers and Fans! You can read it all at: https://going-natural.com/news-blogs/nappy-news-blog/2014-in-review

You celebrated our 10th Anniversary with us!
BAD Hair Uprooted, A Celebration of Black Follicles, Bad Hair Uprooted Exhibition, Free 10th Anniversary Photo Shoot, Natural Hair Care Workshop by Adenike, Premier of the Going Natural Video Diaries.

Events we Covered
Natural Hair Day at Columbia University, Dance Africa at BAM,
International African Arts Festival Hair & Fashion Show, Taliah Wajeed Natural Hair Expo NY, African Fashion Week, Master’s Brunch, Afro Punk, Weaving through the Kinks

Stories that made headlines
Comb her hair: Why the petition against Beyonce’s daughter is a petition against Natural Hair
Do the Right Thing, A Spike Lee Joint that’s still smoldering 25 years later
Natural Hair and Black Beauty; Lupita is paying them forward
Why Black Women need different rules in order to be equal
The US Army; The 1st Institute to Embrace Natural Hairstyles
America’s Next Natural Model Chassity diagnosed with Alopecia
Titi Branch has left us

Natural Hair Styles we Shot for you!
Natural Hairstyles by Locks of Nu
BAD Hair Uprooted Photo Shoot
Natural hairstyles at the African Festival 2014
Natural Hair & Fashion Show
Natural Hair at BAM Dance Africa Part I
Natural Hairstyles at BAM Dance Africa Part II
Natural Hairstyles at BAM Dance Africa Part III
Natural Hairstyles to start 2015
High HIGH Highlights!
On Here and Now TV Show
Nominated for Master Pioneers Award
Received the Kuumba Award
We teamed up with BE, launched a new site for America’s Next Natural Model and made sure the winner goes to Paris!


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