Challenge 7 – Ngozi Jewelry Challenge

Tacoma Vacation -Wilbur smiles in Seattle Aug 2008- small

KARLA – Very well written essay.  I love how you really researched the details of amber and carnelian stones and explain why you feel connected to them.  The nature feel of your photos is also very effective and you look lovely in all of them.  Well done!

TEESHA – I can appreciate what you wrote in your essay.  Perfection is not always symetry or what is conventional.  I actually agree with it.  But I felt like your message was not as clear as it should have been.  As fas as your photos are concerned, you are simply beautiful and you always photograph well.  But there was that something extra missing from this particular challenge.

TOSHIA – Your effort seemed very rushed for this challenge.  I wanted more from your essay and your photos are not crisp.  They seem repetitive and uninspired.  I am a little disappointed.

CHRISTINA – I love your essay.  You really tied Ngozi and in very nicely.  And your essay is very well written.  Your photos are lovely.  You are beautiful.  And like your competitors, you chose nature as your background.  However, the photos are repetitive.  It would have been more interesting to see more of a range in your photos.

SAFEEYAH – I think you showed the most versatility with your photos, choosing 2 different backgrounds, different outfits, and showcasing different moods.  Thank you.  But your photo quality is still lacking.  I love that your essay expressed how “queenly” Ngozi jewelry made you feel.

My choice for winner on this challenge is Karla.  Congratulations!


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