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Questions about natural hair

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Don’t like my locs

I just got my locs started with the interlocking technique. I got them started professionally but the problem is that I don’t like how it looks. My hair is about 4-5 inches and I used to wear 2-strand twists all the time. Now my hair seems so much shorter.

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Getting rid of Relaxer

Getting rid of Relaxer I have a short relaxed hairstyle and I am wanting to go natural. The problem is this… I have very thin over-processed edges. I have tried all the slathers and nothing seems to be working to get my hair to grow back on the sides and in front.

Going Natural Hair Care package

Help for swimmers

I started swimming three times a week for health reasons. My hair has been natural for 5 years now and it’s reasonably healthy but I am afraid the chlorine might dry out and eventually damage my hair. Do you have any advice?