Breaking out the mold:Kumba Tutorial & Glam

Kumba Style by Tiffany
Kumba Style by Tiffany
Kumba Style by Tiffany

My approach to this challenge was to just have fun using a new product and excited about trying a new style on my hair. When it comes to trying new styles I’m game for anything. I remember getting bantu knots for the first time and looking in the mirror just amazed at how it came out and thinking that this is a style that my ancestors wore proudly that I could now rock in my own way. As with all challenges just being able to try to come up with “THE LOOK” can seem like a lot but once you start everything just falls into place.


I had never heard of the Kumba style before so to be able to do the style on my hair was very interesting. I had to keep in mind that everyone’s hair texture is different especially since I have about three different hair textures, so the style will vary for each person. When I took the Kumba style down I had tight to loose curls everywhere, but then I picked it out some more because I have a BIG HAIR crush so going big was not even a second thought. I was excited about trying one of the products from Going., so I decided on the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk for this style. The Hair Milk actually tamed my hair a bit when applying it and moisturized it as well.  It didn’t feel too heavy on my hair and  the dry time was not that bad with it. The ingredients made it even better because I have been taught to read the label on products and I was impressed at the natural ingredients that were in this product.

The Kumba style would be a style I would keep up for a few days before twisting it out and just add accessories to it to create my own look. To me this is a LOW MAINTENANCE style and a style that can be changed into another like a two for one deal. This fits right into my spectrum of styles that don’t take a lot of time to do and can be easily taken care of by wrapping your hair at night and spraying oil on it in the morning…SIMPLE! In this challenge I was bale to learn how to create a new hairstyle which is always good because I  only know how to do two strand twist on my hair and use bobby pins, which are my best hair friend, when it comes to pinning up my tresses. Hope you all  out there will  able be take something away from this challenge like I did and use it on your natural journey. Blessings






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