Why Natural?

Why Natural?

 “There is no greater beauty than the real you”- Nappturality.com

Becoming natural was a way for me to embrace myself. By stripping away all the artificial: the perm, the mentality that there is one type of beauty and encouraging myself to be true. My initial mind frame while becoming natural was for another look, if I did not like the way I looked I can always perm it, right? Wrong, through time I realized there was so much more than just a “look” or a style of being natural. It is a state of rebelling against the standards of beauty and accepting the true you. Loving yourself and being unwilling to accept what should be your look from other’s point of views.

Being natural, thus far, has affected me in so many ways, from realizing my self worth to appreciating my culture and heritage.  As many say “experience is the best teacher” I have experienced through much positivity as well as negativity from others. But despite it all I embraced the negative and positive and remained natural. Naturality has given me the encouragement to uplift myself as well as others. It has bought me to a level of maturity and appreciation that has made me love black beauty and have respect for my people and anyone who loves themselves. Apart of my embracement was shown through this competition. Thank you, Going-Natural.com, Eden’s Body Work and judges, for even having a competition that not only personified the essence of true black beauty, but shed light on an issue that has been a concern within the black community.

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