week 4 feedback

week 4 feedback

all the ladies again have done a great job with the brief

Ebony: i love your close up shoots it really showed the make up to it’s best, you foundation base was clean and your skin looks clear and healthy! just the type of skin you see in many campaigns. for you jewelery pics i would have like to have seen you in something simple like a vest or t-shirt as the scarf and the coat were a little to much and perhaps you hair pulled back to showcase the earrings, however as always the quality of your pictures are impeccable!



Denitrika: love that you used the product in your shoot and you makeup application was on point! also your picture quality has really improved and i can see that you have thought about your composition.  you ticked all the boxes this week so well done.


Natasha: great that you showed the versility of the brand, your work makeup looked natural and pretty, i would like to have seen some glamour shots to show different uses of the make up.

Raven: your shoot was fantastic! as always your looks were very editorial, i love that you showed a natural makeup look and a glamour look, both looked modern and fresh,  your shoot showed you understand how commercial advertising works, you incorporated the product, and you also showcased the make up to the best of its ability, making the consumer want that look. loved that you are being versatile with your Twa!

Timolin: this shoot is perfect! i can see this in magaizine’s right now. love that you used the products. your pictures are very high quality and clear,  which really shows up the make up.  i loved your composition, and lighting , it showed a real understanding of the brief.


munya:  great make up looks and again very professional pictures. i would like to have seen the product in some of the shots, also some variety  in compositions. also remember to be aware of your lighting, some of the images looked a little grey, warmer lighting would highlight the make up better.

Laura: i really like you make up application, the red lips were immaculate and i love how creative you were with your eyeshadow, your shoots are always original and creative. make sure your pictures are in focus as some were a little blurred, which still looked good but as we are showcasing make up we need a few  clear pictures.

Timolin produced my favorite photo this week,  her skin and make up look flawless, the composition is very editorial, and i could see this in a major publication, it’s an excellent beauty shot.

i also really like dnitrika’s photo, i love that her photo are showing progression and that she is listening to the judges comments and taking them on board.



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