Teri on Challenge 6: Doodles

Teri on Challenge 6: Doodles

Teri LaFleshI loved loved loved seeing how beautifully the Doodles came out on all you lovely ladies! All of you were stunning, and it was a joy to see your beautiful natural hair in “Doodle” styles! I liked that you showed the process, had enthusiastic descriptions, and a sort of “before” and “after”. It was very difficult to pick a favorite. You are all so talented and beautiful.

Challenge 6: Natasha: I enjoyed what you did with the doodles, especially considering you were under the weather and had a toothache. Your style had a cool “loc” look to it. I liked how you showed the different steps in the process, and I agree that next time if you make lots more, smaller doodles it will really let your beautiful texture show.



Challenge 6: Ebony: I loved your pictures and those adorable doodles! Your step-by-step instructions were very clear, well executed, and enjoyable to look at. I really liked how you showed multiple closeups of your hair so we could really see the fantastic texture of your curls. You have a sweetness about your pictures, as well as an amazing radiant smile that lights up every photo you are in. You gave great instructions, very clear. It was a treat to look at your pictures. I liked how you kept your makeup low key and natural looking so that the beauty of you and your hair were showcased.

Challenge 6: Nina: Your doodles were some of my favorites. I loved your instructions, your pictures were wonderful and you showed nice variety in the afters. It looked like you were having fun, your description of the process was also fun to read, and I loved seeing the beautiful texture of your curls. They made a wonderful frame around your gorgeous face. My only suggestion would be to try making your doodles when your hair is sopping wet for even more definition, but even so, they turned out to be stunning how you did them.

Challenge 6: Denitrika: I liked how you showed all the steps in your process. Your doodles looked fierce, though I wish you had included a couple close-ups of the “after” so we could admire your style even more, as well as adding more variety in the after shots, as well as having higher quality pictures to showcase your beauty better.

Challenge 6: Timolin: I really enjoyed what you wrote about the process, and how you love being able to try out different styles with your natural hair. I also enjoyed your how-to photos, and all the different outfits and looks you showed. Your pictures are beautiful, but I would have loved to have seen more of your hair in the “afters”. From what I could see it was stunning, but since it was often in shadow and the top was cropped off in two of the shots, I wasn’t able to see it very well.

Challenge 6: Raven: I also enjoyed seeing your doodles very much, especially the way you had a definite “before” and “after” trying this style. You captured many moods while showing off your fierce curls. Your photos are edgy and energetic, and don’t look like anyone else’s.

My Challenge 6 favorite was Ebony, though Nina and Raven were very close.

Teri is author of Curly Like me.


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