Stephanie SV on Challenge 1

Stephanie SV on Challenge 1

My look is unique, yet versatile and is also a reflection of my fun personality. With this, I believe I represent an original type of beauty, a beauty that needs to be fully acknowledged and represented worldwide.


 Stephanie SV for America's Next Natural Model challenge 1

I believe Nature talks to us all the time,

we just need to pause in doing what we do, listen and enjoy.


What is your dream gig?
I would love to be able to do TV and print commercials and be the spokeswoman of a popular brand (cosmetics, clothing, shoes, etc.). When I look at printed advertising images, I always say to myself that they need someone like me ☺ and what am I waiting for to be noticed! All it takes after all is to fit the profile, be noticed at the right moment, demonstrate your talents, rely on your luck or positive karma and land the gig. So I remain hopeful. Finally, any gig where I can use my modeling skills, as well as acting skills would be a real delight.
Stephanie SV for America's Next Natural Model challenge 1
Why do you think you are right for the job?
My look is unique, yet versatile and is also a reflection of my fun personality. I have a slender and athletic body, and I have long dreadlocks with a very unique color that reach the middle of my back. I believe I represent an original type of beauty, the type of beauty that needs to be fully acknowledged and represented worldwide. 
Black women have long been underrepresented in the fashion world despite some improvement these past years. I want to change that unfair underrepresentation and be able to show the world that natural beauty, especially of a Black woman, is a unique beauty, which comes with confidence, strength and a humble sense of royalty.
Stephanie SV for America's Next Natural Model challenge 1
What makes you special compared to the other models & why should they hire you?
First, I would say my background. I was born in Paris, France but I grew up in Guadeloupe, located in the Eastern Antilles and I did most of my college education in the U.S. Being able to call home three parts of the world is a special experience because I am able to travel internationally every year, connect with my people and others while feeling completely at ease wherever I go.  It is important for models to be able to fit in different kinds of environment, and my experience abroad and in the U.S. has taught me just that as well as resilience and resourcefulness. I definitely have a passion for different cultures and languages, and besides being a native speaker of French and Creole, I also understand Spanish and Italian well.
My language abilities and valuable foreign experience makes me unique and it will always be in my advantage, especially in this new millennium.
Another reason I should be hired is simply because the older I get the better I look and take care of myself, and longevity is what a model needs to be totally successful. I take great care of my entire figure, and I make sure to keep a healthy eating diet (I am a vegetarian). Also I have been into sports since the age of 6 years old and I have always been into running, hiking, and swimming. I am proud of my ‘six pack’ ☺ 
Finally, I am an educated lady, I have a doctorate in Literature and I love the balance I am getting from my genuine involvement in both intellectual and fashion/art realms. In a world where models are mostly being appreciated for their figure or tend to be portrayed  as ‘unintelligent creatures’, I am proud to break this old stereotype and prove that you can be a “beauty and a brain” and use both wisely and gracefully.
Stephanie SV for America's Next Natural Model challenge 1
What do you want people to know about you?
I am a very cool and open-minded person and I love to meet and talk to people regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. I believe we can all learn from one another if we take the time to get to know and appreciate one another. 
I have been told that I am very funny and I think I am because I love to laugh and I always make people laugh. I am very witty, and simple things also make me happy. I try to stay true to myself as often as possible. 
Close family and trustful friends are very important to me, and they usually are the only ones allowed in my intimate circle. My taste of music is eclectic and I can enjoy reggae as much as hip-hop or salsa. I have a unique accent (mixture of American English, French and Guadeloupean Creole) and I am very good at switching vernacular.  I also love to meditate, I collect necklaces made of beads and gold is my favorite color.
Stephanie SV for America's Next Natural Model challenge 1
Which one of the pictures is your best shot and why?
The picture where I am touching the tree is my favorite because I love Nature and specially trees, which are for me witnesses of the past, as they stand strong against the tide. I am always very touched by the energy of trees, the melody of the leaves, the sophistication of the branches and mostly the strength of the trunk. It is no surprise if I am standing and touching the tree, I always do that when I see trees. I go and touch them in order to be infused by their strength and energy. I believe Nature talks to us all the time, and as human beings we just need to pause what we do, listen and enjoy. This picture reflects my love and respect for Nature. Besides, the lighting is natural lighting, and I purposely put myself right through where the sun was shining the brightest in order to feel its warmth and blissful energy. It was late during the afternoon when this picture was taken and the fact that the sun was shining at this particular tree convinced me of the close connection natural elements have among themselves. I hope this picture is reflecting the beauty of this unique experience I was blessed to witness.


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