my thoughts

Wow this competition has been pretty exciting for me, I’m happy to be a part of it . At first I was a little nervous about the challenges; the photos, my hair, location and  stuff like that because I’m not a model, I’m not an actress, I don’t have photographers lined up who I can call for my next shoot.  Im just a girl who loves and embraces my natural hair.  

I see so many little girls that are so beautiful, vibrant, and full of life, yet their hair is permed and damaged and not in its natural state. Many of them look at women on television who have perms, and weaves, and think that this is who they are suppose to look like.  Sometimes it saddens me, because I cant go to every single black girl and tell her “your hair is beautiful the way it is, you are beautiful the way you are. The actresses on television are doing just that, acting, and you don’t have to look or be like them because you are blessed to have your own look and style. You don’t have to alter and chemically process your hair because you already have natural hair that is gorgeous,  and it was given to you by the creator,  and it will stay with your forever”  If I could do that believe me I would,  but what I can  do is be an inspiration, I can represent Americas Natural Model so that Black women and little girls can look at me, see my journey and receive the message that I cannot directly say and give to them. Thats more important to me than anything else in this competition. 

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