My Reign

I love to look glamorous and if there was a look I had to have for the rest of my life, I would choose to be glamorous. 

  When I found out that our new challenge was to create our best evening hairstyle and look I was excited for the free reign. I was also really thrilled that we could use anything from our “Miss NP Box of Wonders” to create our look. There were so many things in our boxes that I was curious as to how we were going to put everything to use. Immediately the word glamorous came to my mind. What do you need to be glamorous for an evening out? An attention grabbing hairstyle, sparkling outfit, pants or a dress (I did both), and fabulous accessories!

I decided to wear the striking circular earrings with the green tint and I used the beautiful blue bangle bracelet and matching headband. To me, the best glamorous evening hairstyle is an Afro, so I knew automatically that I wanted to wear my hair in a stretched Afro. In challenge 6, I wore my hair in a shrunken Afro, meaning that as soon as I washed my hair, I picked it out and shaped it. This time I wore a stretched Afro, therefore a couple days before I took the pictures, I took my hair down from the twists I was wearing, damped my hair slightly, brushed it out with the Denman brush (from my “Miss NP Box of Wonders”)and made jumbo twists.

The next day, I took down the jumbo twists, dampened my hair slightly, brushed it out, and put it in 4-8 braids. Before the photo shoot I took the braids out and brushed my hair with the Denman brush, shaping it into an Afro and my look was complete.  The weekend before this I wore my hair in a stretched Afro and it was even bigger and fuller than it was in these photos. It stretched all the way down to my shoulders but I had been stretching it for a full week (small braids for a day, jumbo twists for about 4 days, next big braids, then a puff). Thus, the rule of thumb is: the longer you stretch, the more voluminous your Afro is. This process is also referred to as a “cold blowout” or a “no heat blowout”. By the way, I would like to mention that I do not like using brushes on my hair, and was very apprehensive about using the Denman brush. I had heard many wonderful things about it but still had no desire to try it because no matter how wonderful it was said to be, it was still a brush.

When I got one in my “Miss NP Box”, I still did not want to try it. But I finally decided to try it and that brush is the truth! It really is wonderful. I didn’t feel like my hair was being ripped out or anything. My hair was soft, free and had a lot of movement. I hope you enjoy my pictures and vote for me! Tiana

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