LeAnne’s Feedback on Challenge 6

LeAnne’s Feedback on Challenge 6

LeAnne of Naptural Roots MagazineThis has been an awesome competition thus far. I have to say the ladies all blew me away this week, truly.  They made me want to get married with their beauty, grace, and unique natural styling! So how then, do I choose my first place and my last place?  My top choices are Kala G and Chassity! I just couldn’t pick between the two!

LeAnne of Naptural Roots MagazineKala: I really loved the variety that you presented. You not only showed different hairstyles, you also showed different outfits. You showed the sexy valentine as well as the blushing bride!  Amazing job!

Chassity: When I saw your photos, I was swept away in bridal bliss. Your pictures immediately made me want to get married. I can see your photos in the major wedding magazines! You did an awesome job and it showed!

All of the ladies exhibited beautiful styles, makeup, and accessories.  The headpieces were beautiful and were worn in creative ways (not just on the head and I liked that). When I looked at this challenge, I thought about a wedding spread in Naptural Roots Magazine. I could easily see any of these spreads in a magazine!  Great job ladies.

Desray:  I really loved your use of color on your eyes. I am always in search of tight eye game and girl you brought it! Your style is classy, beautiful, and well put together. I would like to see the entire back of your style.  You were a very close second to my top picks!

ReShonda: You make a beautiful bride as well!  I loved the headpiece, but I wish you had somehow integrated it into your style more.  With the curls, I would have loved to see the Cowrie shells throughout the top of your hair! That would have taken your style over the top.

Nefertiti: I adored your hairstyle. I loved the texture and the showcasing of your length. The makeup appeared a little heavy for me (foundation) and tended to give you an orange look.  I expected more eye makeup and a more creativ use of the head piece as well.  With your long hair, you could have done some amazing looks with the head piece. 

Carlie: your pictures were soft and beautiful. I loved the twists because they showed so much texture and also showcased your length! The one thing that threw me for a loop was the extra black mascara… For me, it threw off your soft and romantic look.

But now comes the hard time, I have to choose my least favorite for elimination. It was hard, but my least favorite was Jalita. First let me say that the braided updo with the twists at the top was a great style choice. Your style showed how you can work short natural hair and still have a glamourous shot!  The one issue I had was with the excution of that style. The braids were are not neat and crisp, the parts were not uniform, and the braids were not tight enough. I also wish that you would have provided some creative uses for the beautiful red head piece. 

Ladies, we are getting close to the final challenge and the critiques are only going to get harder from here on out. I can tell you now that with the two remaining weeks, I will be looking for crisp, neat styles. I will be looking for creativity, out of the box thinking, and complete looks!  Continue thinking not just about your hair, but your make-up, accessories, clothing, surrounding, props.  It is time to step your game up to the highest level and think TOP MODEL now!  Always think about next level and how you can stretch yourself away from the “safe” styles.  Start thinking show topper photoshoots! Now is where America’s Next Natural Model will clearly separate herself from the rest of the beautiful ladies!  Are you ready to be America’s Next Natural Model?

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