Latrenia Bryant

Latrenia Bryant

Latrenia BryantStyle or fashion inspires her. Latrenia is a talented and professional fashion photographer. Making beautiful photographs comes natural for her. Simple, classy and beautiful…

Latrenia BryantBorn in Florida, Influenced early as a child by what the camera was capable of; was just the beginning of her love and passion for photography. Held her first camera in grade 6 and has never been without one since that day.

Originally, Wanting to become a photojournalist like the late Gordon Parks would not be in the cards thanks to outside influences. Those influences eventually lead her to become a nurse then later returning back to school and graduating with a degree in Information Technology from Macon State College in Georgia but the zest for photography never left her soul. Feeling some resentment for not pursuing photography back then, today she is totally devoted to proving she is a talented and professional fashion photographer in every way.

Style/fashion inspires her. Making beautiful photographs comes natural. Stylistically, her portraits and the fashion photographs are alike…simple, classy and beautiful because she herself are all those things.

Latrenia and her images have been featured on various online publications/blogs. Produced images for Lensbaby. Worked with several local models, musicians and designers. Have gotten rave reviews from multiple natural hair forums for her gorgeous locs and she will continue to rise and shine in the world of photography.

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