Jamaican Mango & Lime: Bring on the Sunshine

Jamaican Mango & Lime: Bring on the Sunshine
Long Natural Hair - Lydia
Long Natural Hair – Lydia

Whirlwind. This challenge was by far the most difficult, but also very gratifying.  All I kept thinking was it’s freezing and snowing in Ohio. What am I going to do?

Jamaican Mango and Lime products are incredible. I was so excited to get so many different products.  Trying out new products is probably one of my most favorite things to do!  🙂 I think my favorite is the oil (I love the smell) and the shampoo (it tingled and really made my hair feel so fresh and clean).  The leave-in-conditioner was so light and didn’t weigh down my hair.  It was fun, and I still have more products to try!

Look a: Funny enough, well not really funny but this picture was taken outside of a small park in Ohio.  To me the moss on the rocks looked as though I could be on a lovely island, maybe Jamaica!  I tried to imagine myself on a beach, not in 25 degree weather.  It was freezing!  Here, my hair was untwisted from a two-strand twist. I also have beads in my hair.  

Look b: Here, I’m in an old warehouse. To me, Jamaica is an extraordinary place filled with colorful, jazzy people.  Yet this shot made me think of some of the infrastructure in Jamaica.  I have a gree and yellow ribbon loosely tied to my hand added to my black outfit – to help represent the Jamaican flag like the Jamaican Mango & Lime products.   

Look c: In this shot, my hair was freshly taken out of a two-strand twist.  I didn’t take much time to loosen, I like how it looks like I’ve got locs.  There are beads in my hair as well.  Also, if you look you can see a pot of gold!  Actually, a pot of products!  Wouldn’t that be nice to find in a garden?  Because the weather was snowy this week, I went to a greenery to find some green space – hopefully reminiscent of greener more lovely places like Jamaica.  🙂

Look d: I like how you can really see the texture of the hair. I’m wearing bright colors and I’m sitting in a lawn chair in the greenhouse.  I wanted to channel an Island look.

look e:  When I think of Jamaica, I think of relaxation and fun. Here I’m in a pool room.  I choose black, yellow, and green balls to give a shout out to the Jamaican flag. I’m wearing bright colors and jazzy pants because when I think of Jamaica I think of bright, beautiful, and fun. Here my hair has beads that I just used bobby-pins to help pull through strands of hair.  

Look f: I wanted a neutral background for some more artistic looks. Here my hair is twisted. I like how it again looks like my hair is in locs. I’ve got the Jamaican flag colors in my swimsuit top and my skirt is so colorful. I tried to appear relaxed and like I could be on a beach. I’m actually in a sauna! 

Look g: Here Is a headshot, you can see the twists. I tried to change my look. I didn’t want to do the same old lyd.  

Look h: In this shot, I’m just chilling, kind of daydreaming and waiting. You can see the bigger twists and the beads that were beaded in to my hair.  

Look I: In this shot, I look a little mischievous. Like, what should I get in to now?  I like the shimmer/glow edits.  It makes me think of an island or beach. Somewhere I’d much rather be. Here my hair is just out and my twists have been loosened.

Look J: Here, I just pinned my twists up. I used pins and completed a look that someone may rock to a beach.  I like the neutral wood as it highlights the hair and Jamaican colors!  Go green, black and yellow!  

Again, I enjoyed checking out the products! I appreciate the opportunity to try them!  I hope you enjoy these 10 shots. I tried to show a different Lydia, and connect better with my viewers.  

 Thank you!   


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