I Am… Model Tee

I Am… Model Tee

MODEL (mod’l): Not a representation of perfection, but a perfect example of a malleable form that has no limitations as to what it can create.   T.Borum




I began modeling 2 ½ years ago when I first moved to Atlanta.  My initial pursuit was to get into acting, but I quickly saw how acting and modeling interchangeably go hand and hand.  I have been passionate about the arts since I can remember, and always had my hand in different aspects of it all.  From writing, to drawing/painting, to wig making, acting and now modeling- I just cant get enough of the creative process.  I realize it makes me a joyful person to do what I love!  GOD created the universe and everything in it, so what a blessing to have even a microscopic percentage of HIS ability to create!


My love for print modeling allows me to show an uninhibited side of myself.  I get to act AND create visual art, while expressing a side of myself that most people don’t get to see everyday.  Just as Beyonce becomes Sasha Fierce, I become Model Tee!  Model Tee is alluring, daring, confident and free.  While the “normal” everyday Teesha is goofy, reserved, and an observant plain Jane that wears reading glasses.  The transformation can be compared to Clark Kent vs. Superman lolSo when it comes time to perform, I get in the zone!


Getting in the zone means to take risk.  Life is about taking risk when we are passionate about something that can make life fulfilling.  I love to model.  I love the idea of stepping outside of myself and overcoming insecurities.  It is enjoyable for me to see the final product of my efforts and for others to appreciate them as well.  Keep in mind that whether you are an artist, a school teacher or an athlete- DO YOU to the best of your ability and let GOD do the rest…The world is waiting for YOU to shine!


“Do what you love and love what you do.  If you don’t know what that is, love the journey in finding out”  T. Borum


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