How I rock a shoot

How I rock a shoot

If I had no time do my hair and had an important go see to attend, I would just grab a spray bottle of water and some mousse and fro it out. Or use a scarf for a headband. Maybe rock a chic hat. And don’t forget to bring the confidence, professionalism and portfolio!




When attending an important casting such as the agency call back I would try to not be too “done up”. To show the things that make me special. What I think makes me special is my posing, my figure, my hair and my eyes; those are my strongest assets to me. The big wild curly hair is my thing and when I try to change it up people are like where’s the big hair? My figure is small but curvy (32c-25-35.5) so that is surprising to designers at times. And I am a posing machine! I think of different types of movement; dance, everyday movements, even fighting. It’s not over thought it just flows and if it gets so I refocus and just do it.

Self expression and creativity colliding from the makeup artist, the photographer, the model, the designer,etc all together is what make modeling fun and even surprising! I think about everyone’s style and goal also when doing a shoot. In a photoshoot when I am left to just “do whatever” it doesn’t scare me, it is liberating. You can try a range of things. Different expressions, poses and styles to give the client more options to choose from. I feel a model should be able to do this. A model should be aware of how they photograph, their weaknesses and their strengths. With this information you’ve got to try to bring it. I play with props, the environment I’m in, do random things or if I’m in a studio try to create a mood within that empty space. I also call upon my memory of magazines I’ve seen, to think of concepts that might fit.Things that I have liked, not to duplicate but to use as a mental reference.


I am an artist and I try to envision how everything all together looks and what might look cool within it, like a painting. Doing a photoshoot is not always easy. I try to go above an beyond. I have climbed trees, hiked, froze my butt off, been so uncomfortable, got dressed out in the open, etc. but it doesn’t matter when I look back at an image and see the end result and can also remember the story behind it. That is hard core and it is good memory.

As far as gauging what a client expects from me. I think I surprise people a lot. They may feel like they might have to walk me through something but when they just let me go they are pleasantly surprised and entertained 🙂 No one reads resumes, it seems but when your working it tells all regardless. And when I find a photographer is feeling what I’m doing and we start vibing and he/she embellishes on what I’m doing or really loves what’s going on. It’s magic. Photoshoots are like a silent play or a dance seen frame by frame. From your toes to the angle of your head to your posture, you are telling something. It’s cool to see what people take from the end result.


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