Dee on challange 4

Dee on challange 4


Patricia Gaines Dee NappturalityChallenge 4: Ebony

You really let your natural beauty shine through on this Challenge. You did not over do the makeup, which is tempting when you are advertising a brand of makeup. Your skin looks healthy and plump, with a beautiful satin finish and I loved this challenge. Your choice of clothes complemented the natural essence of the product and showed a relaxed, confident and healthy overall picture. Loved it.

Challenge 4: Natasha

Your challenge showed me a fresh face, clean simple and natural. I liked the simplicity of it. I would have liked to see more of a smile, to bring out your eyes more. Your hair was finely styled in these photos and added to the sleekness of the overall image. I would like to see more “pow” in your photos, more personality showing through. I know you’ve got it in you.

Challenge 4: Denitrika

You have such a brilliant smile and I was happy to see it in these photos! You spent a lot of time on your makeup and your eyes looked especially beautiful. I like the way you brought the product into the shots and made the challenge about them, as well as about your application of it. Your challenge had an urban feel, and I loved your choice of color, background and clothing. Well done!

Challenge 4: Raven

You did it again Raven. You have a way of taking the bull by the horns and making the challenges unique to you. You brought out the funky side of the makeup and your appeal is in the individuality that can be created from their products. Loved the energy and the vibrancy of your challenge and the fact that you made it all about the makeup.

Challenge 4: Timolin

Now that’s what I call POW. I loved this challenge. You have done an excellent job of showing the product in its best light. Literally. The lighting, the application, the colors, all chosen to enhance your skin tone and push the product to the viewer. The photography was stellar as well and a lot of attention was paid to the angles and areas of focus for the viewer. It was a pleasure to see this challenge for you – you just keep improving. Keep it up!

Challenge 4: Munya

Soft, feminine, slightly wistful… that’s what I got from your photographs. The composition of your photos was excellent. It is easy for someone with locs to have the locs overpower anything the person is promoting in their ad, but you balanced the makeup with the hair beautifully. I would have liked to see a few differently composed photos, different colors, background – just to get a feel for variety. But still, an excellent presentation.

Challenge 4: Nina

Fresh, citrus and fun is the feeling your challenge gave to me. I liked the overall energy and happiness that came through and your choice of background and color was unexpected and it worked well! Solid colors always keep the focus on the individual and in your case it was a great thing because your presentation was excellent. Your hair was simply styled and your clothing choices fit perfectly to showcase the product application. Well done Nina.

Challenge 4: Laura

You are a bit of of a chameleon. I wasn’t sure in some of the photos what age you are or if you are in fact a doll, so perfectly was your makeup applied. The selective use of blur, hard light, exposure, whether on purpose or not, gave your challenge a distinctly sparkly and rigid appeal to a couple of your photos and I really liked it. It was rather abstract, different and a risk that I think paid off. It would have been nice to see a photo or two with a completely different look.

My winner: Timolin

My runner up: Denitrika

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