Angela’s Kumba Out Featuring Going-Natural Products

Angela's Kumba Style
Angela's Kumba Style
Angela's Kumba Style

When I have the opportunity to try new products for my hair I feel like a kid in a candy store. It is overwhelming yet exciting as my heart fills with anticipation for great results. For this next challenge we were asked to use Going-Natural products to create a Motjo Kumba hairstyle. I’m sure you’re asking, “What is a Motjo Kumba?” Well, I started scratching my head and realized I needed to do some research as well. Although I did not find a written or oral style explanation, Mireille Liong is a great source who she shared her knowledge and hands-on experience.


It was refreshing to learn that Motjo Kumbas originated in Suriname, which is a country located in South America. Normally when you reference this continent you may visualize Spanish speaking countries. Contrary to popular belief, Dutch is their official language.Suriname consists primarily of Creoles, the descendants of escaped African slaves known as Maroons, and the descendants of Indian and Javanese workers. 43.5% of the population is 25-54 years old.

 The Motja Kumba is considered a style women wear around the house and not out in public. It is similar to wearing rollers in your hair but without the foam or plastic.  Instead of keeping this beautiful style hidden, we were asked to replicate it and wear the Kumba out for Naturals to behold.

The Going-Natural products I used did not disappoint my expectations. My results were indeed sweet as I noticed enhanced natural coils and elongated strands. As noted within the instructions you can attempt this style on dry or wet hair. I washed my hair and applied the Detoxing Deep Conditioner. In my opinion working with wet hair provides better results. I also chose to use the Going-Natural Hair Milk and Curl Keeper to roll my hair. You will view my results and instructions below through pictures I took with my personal camera. This is my down-to-earth approach to help natural short hair women feel comfortable in completing this style.

The editorial photos are professional photographs and my interpretation of rocking a Kumba out style. My focus was to provide an editorial look that would stop a page from turning too quickly. Hopefully you will appreciate my work. This challenge was a lot of fun and my hair turned out really nice. I look forward to broadening my model horizon.

Editorial Photos: Tiffany Kowalski Photography

Instruction Photos: Angela Kirkendoll



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