10 Hair resolutions to start of the New Year

One of the things everyone strives for when a new year starts is a healthier lifestyle. So let us help you with 10 simple resolutions to keep your natural hair healthy happy for a whole year.

One of the things everyone strives for when a new year starts is a healthier lifestyle. So let us help you with 10 simple resolutions to keep your natural hair healthy happy for a whole year.

Stop damaging your hair
Healthy hair starts with eliminating everything in your regimen that damages your hair in any way shape or form. That means stop pulling your hair and be patient when you detangle your pretty coils. Stop using straightening chemicals and extreme heat and start using the right tools to style and detangle your hair. Check out this video on How to properly untangle even 4C Hair.

Nurture your hair
You don’t need tons of products to care for your natural hair. Keep it simple and look for products that nurture your hair. What you need is a pH balanced shampoo that cleanses your hair, not one that strips it from all its moisture. A good deep conditioner that softens and feeds your hair, a detangler to help you to easily untangle your coils and a great moisturizer that protects your hair and retains the moisture. Feel free to visit the Nappshop for natural hair products that will nurture your coils.

Hair food
Your hair’s health depends on your overall health. Make sure you eat right. Get your vegetables, fruits and vitamins and make sure you drink plenty of water.

Exercise is great for your overall health so your hair’s health and growth will benefit from a regular workout. Find a workout that is suitable for you and you will notice a difference.

Change; yes you can
One of the secrets to keep a relationship interesting is change! The relationship with your hair is no different. Stop doing the same styles. Take a chance, do something different and you could be amazed by your own beauty if you just try one of the gazillion options that natural hair allows you to do.

Get yourself pampered at least once a year

Although we want to save money we deserve a luxury treatment every once in a while. Search our index for a salon in your area and get your self pampered to beauty at one of our recommended stylists. You will feel like a queen and support a local business.

Value your hair
Learning to value your hair pays off in more ways than you can imagine. Not only can you stop hiding your hair and reveal your truly beautiful self to the world. You can also stop spending money on expensive wigs and weaves when you start value your god given natural hair.

Stop the PJ (Product Junkie)
We are all guilty of spending too much money on hair products that don’t work. For some it’s extremely difficult to resist the latest product that promises to be the solution to all hair concerns but at least try to reduce this habit and remember this: You don’t need tons of products and there is no such a thing as a magic product.

Get a Hair Consulation
Don’t know what to do anymore? Is your hair shedding, do you have a hard time untangling or are you just at the point where you just just need an expert to explain to you what is going on with your hair? Don’t wait a second longer and plan your Online Hair Consultation.

Enjoy your hair
Last but certainly not least: Enjoy your hair for all it is, what it stands for and who it represents; YOU.



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