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Happy curls with the Twist Out Hair Milk
Happy curls with the Twist Out Hair Milk
Happy curls with the Twist Out Hair Milk


A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who took the effort to vote for


A BIG THANK YOU to all of you who took the effort to vote for

Getting the votes together was absolutely nerve wrecking but I can’t say that it wasn’t fun. Many small businesses teamed up voting for each other which was super exciting but this was still no guarantee.

I entered the competition rather late, so I really wasn’t sure I could get the necessary votes in just one week. Well, you showed me I could! After sending out a newsletter, your votes came pouring in. Within a week I had twice as many votes as needed because you took the time and effort to vote for me. This feels so good in an overwhelmingly hectic week.

As you know the Black is Beautiful Expo is coming up Saturday and I am extremely excited about this but it takes work! Still, I have to admit that hard work pays off.

More than anything, I am happy that the BLFC agreed with my idea to use your hair stories as a casting. That means that everybody who has the courage to share her hair story on camera at the Expo will not only be featured on youtube and but also has a chance to be called to be in the Black is Beautiful documentary.

In case you don’t know, the Black is Beautiful Documentary is the culmination of 100 Black and Latina women verbally celebrating the strength, power and beauty of being a person of African descent. Of course I like to see as many natural beauties featured in this film as possible. The potential impact of such a documentary featuring natural beauty is unimaginable. So, I really hope you all come out to just be you and share your stories.

As if the casting is not exciting enough just take a look at the rest of the program. On the schedule are a free Natural Hair Care Workshop, a free Cumbe Dance class, a free Head Wrap workshop and free hair consultations by Derrick Scurry, celebrity hairstylist who does Janet Hubert’s hair among others. Did I mention that this is all free of charge?

Yes, the event is completely free, yet you can help us raise money to complete the Black is Beautiful Documentary. If you donate $25 or more you will be able to attend a preview screening of the film at the reception filled with Mimosas, massages and performances. You can also buy raffle tickets to win $100 or $50 gift certificates from the best hair salons in town. Locks ‘N Chops, Khamit KinksDe Lux Hair Gallery and Imena Salon who just opened their doors, have generously offered their support for the Black is Beautiful Expo and I am very thankful to them. We will also raffle off some of the exclusive items you’ve seen during America’s Next Natural Model.

So, now it’s back to work. There is still so much to be done but a few notes before I go. You can still RSVP for the Black is Beautiful Expo here and if you are interested in donating or sponsoring, please let me know.

For those of you who emailed me about the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk I am happy to to let you know that it is finally back in stock again as is the No More Knots Detangling Spray.

Further more, the site is going through a few updates so you’ll notice some changes occasionally. It’s a continuous process to make your experience better. Then last but not least, if you still like to support small businesses please consider voting for SULA NYC who has been a supporter of America’s Next Natural Model.

Thanks again and see you Saturday!



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