The Inaugural Peace Ball!


Yes, I am going! Now help me. What present would you offer the First Family? How would you wear your hair?


Hello People,

I am elated to announce that I will be attending the Inaugural Peace ball.

I became a Barack Obama fan when I first heard him on the WNYC Brian Lehrer show at the time of the 2004 DNC. His intelligence, sense of humor and even charm came through the speakers and I knew I had to watch this keynote speaker. Together with my husband, I watched his first memorable historic speech. Needless to say, like everybody else we were both sold.

His website which was only a couple of pages then looked more like a blog but what was great was the fact that you could leave comments. became so busy that the site was unavailable from time to time. I started to refresh and read comments. I agreed with almost all of them including the ones that said he looked presidential but there was a particular one that always stuck with me.

It was from a guy from India and I don’t remember his exact words but I know that his comment reflected what I just felt had happened. His words stated that he was moved and inspired by Mr. Obama because he didn’t just speak about American values but about world values that connected to one’s spirit regardless of race, religion or background.  

When I heard then Senator Barack Obama on the Leonard Lopate show the day of his book signing at union square, I knew I had to go. The top floor of Barnes and Nobles was packed. His speech was short but honestly, I don’t remember much of it. I was just watching the people watching him and him relating to people. I stood in a long line and as impatient as I am, I didn’t even complain. When it was my turn to get my copy signed I said: “I am a legal alien but if you decide to run for president, I’ll become a citizen.” As tired as he was, ready to go on vacation to Hawaii with his lovely wife Michelle and the kids he didn’t loose any of his sharpness and answered: Perhaps even earlier?

Then I knew he was real, I knew he was sincere. After I read his book, I was even more inspired. This was the first book I had ever read where I completely agreed with everything the author said about race. It might be because I am from a diverse background. I could also relate to his Indonesia experience but what struck me most was that the book was so brilliantly written. It became clear to me that besides his exceptional intelligence and talent to relate to people, he was also a gifted writer.

The day Senator Barack Obama announced his run for the presidency, I became more than supporter. I became a believer. While many were in doubt if it wasn’t too early for him to make a run for the highest office in the nation, I was confident that more than his ego, his intelligence would allow him to make the right decision. I agreed with David Gerghen (Senior Political Analyst for CNN) that it was Barack Obama’s time and when everybody doubted if America was ready for a Black president, I knew the States would be United and ready.

3:30. I thought I was early

My brother told me that I was delusional but since then I’ve written a few pieces about Barack Obama on my Dutch site, debated some of my American friends who didn’t think he could win, went to a rally and volunteered a couple of days for the campaign. I’ve always followed politics and watched the news but now I was a politics junkie. I have not missed a single debate, infact I don’t think I missed a single CNN or MSNBC broadcast about the election during the two year race. If I wasn’t watching politics I was on the browsing the sites from huffingtonpost to politico.

Now at the day of his inauguration I have an opportunity to attend the Inaugural Peace Ball and I am ecstatic. My husband who is a professional musician deserves all the credit for this one. As the drummer of Grammy Award-wining Singer Angelique Kidjo, he is invited and I can come along.

Now I don’t know if it sounds crazy but I like to u se the opportunity to offer a present to the first family. It is to show my support to wish them luck, wisdom, prosperity, health, love and all other things they may need to lead America through these hard times.

My idea is to offer this beautiful framed photo of Luri with a dense beautiful afro for all that it represents; African roots, confidence, courage, strength, true nature, natural beauty.

Now I don’t know the protocol, I don’t know whether it will be accepted so I like to know what you think. Please comment or send me your idea if this is the right photo, what it represents to you and how to present a gift to our new President.

I don’t want to sound superficial but another dilemma is how to wear my hair. Initially I was thinking to wear an afro of course but this new curling creme makes it so easy for me to wear curls and I usually go for what is easy. Do you think I should make a bit more of an effort and do my afro? 

Looking forward hearing from you.



Ringlets, coils in natural hair
Curls or Afro? Please let me know.








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