The Fashion Gathering for America’s Next Natural Model


Hello Ladies,

Thanks for coming out. Besides the fact that it’s always great to meet my audience in real life to talk about hair and products, I thought it was really nice of you to come out and help me judge the models. I analyzed the forms and here is the verdict.

The questions were:

Which model do you like best?
What Dress do you like best?
Which model do you like best overall?
What hairstyle do you like best?

The model you liked best was Nina, the dress they liked best was Ebony’s, the best overall model was Nina and the best hairstyle was Ebony.


Nina: what you liked about you is that her instructions are so very clear. You also love her video channel and said she probably has an advantage because of this experience. She knows how to explain things in detail.

My feedback: I like her poses but the pictures are unsharp. She wears the dress well, looks good in the dress, clearly happy just too bad that the photos are a bit blurry.

Ebony: You just loved this dress very much as well as the hairstyle. I felt like you like Ebony because she is sincere but what you really love is the fact that she is not your average size model who can show off her beauty comfortably and in style.

My feedback: I think her background is really well chosen. She clearly took the feedback in from last week and worked with it. I am not sure about her poses though. They look a little bit stiff to me. I am not sure if I am right but I can imagine that she had to get used to a full body shoot and concentrated more on the poses so something that normally goes so fluent got lost. I really like the 2nd picture. That looks to me as the natural Ebony that I got to know.

Timolin: Your opinion about Timolin’s dress were really divided; some loved it, others didn’t. It was very interesting. A few choose this dress as the best but I heard a few other people say that the dress was too much or that it makes her look older. I don’t know what it was but it did sparked conversation. In general, I felt you like Timolin, her hair and how she wears it.

My Feedback: I really like the 2 shots, very nice poses, love the attitude. I feel like the model in Timolin is coming out now. Having said that, I don’t know if the pictures served the purpose of showing off the design. They are a little on the dark side which is why you don’t get a whole feel of the dress and the mirror in the 2nd photo is distracting. All attention needs to be on what you wear.

Munya: You also liked this dress, the colors and the way Munya looks in it. Going through the pictures though, some of you noticed that you were missing an important detail and that was because the pictures are cut off above the white band in the dress. If you notice that, let alone a designer who wants to see their design represented. Other than that, you liked Munya and more than anything her hairstyles.

My feedback: I love how Munya looks in that dress and how she wears it but I don’t feel that the model has come out yet. I really like her 2nd photo but it’s cut off too high so I can’t get a full sense but at least that is a different expression. The other photos, I feel like she has the same look/expression.

Denitrika: There was at least one Denitria fan who was rooting for her but over all you said that you love your channel better than her shoots.

My feedback: I think the designer created a perfect dress for her body. She really looks good in that dress. Beautiful. Having said that, the pictures are not great. It’s the same old, the same old. I can see the dress but a designer can’t use these photos in a magazine.

Raven: Raven was quite often chosen as the overall best model. You loved the front of the dress but it seemed like you didn’t appreciate the back of it as much. You also loved Raven because of her short hair. At least one of you loved how she did the doodles and felt like she represented short naturals well.

My feedback: The best shoot! Her body work is awesome. I don’t know how she comes up with those poses but they are very creative. I tried the one with the heel in your hand and I just had to stop it because I couldn’t stand still. Love the whole look, hair, makeup, attitude. What I don’t like is that the pictures are unsharp. That is really a pity because I could see those photos in a magazine for Melissa, the designer.

So thanks again for coming and for the feedback. Hope to see you next time!



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