Going Natural’s TV debut at WABC

Going natural at Here and Now TV Show

The taping was last week Wednesday. A couple of weeks before the TV show “Here and Now” called me to ask if I wanted to be on the program. It was BAD Hair Uprooted, the 10th anniversary celebration and book that sparked their interest but the producer asked about my motivation, projects and products. It was a very nice conversation that made me look forward to talking to the host Sandra Bookman.

In case you don’t know her, Sandra Bookman has been a TV news reporter and anchor for WABC. For years I have watched her on Eyewittness News. So it wasn’t just anyone who was going to interview me which made it all the more exiting.

They expected me at 1:30 at the WABC studios in midtown Manhattan where all the other TV studios are. It’s quite a nice area near Central Park, Jazz Lincoln Center and a large shopping center at Columbus Circle.

When I arrived I was clearly expected. An intern took me to the Green Room where three other gentlemen were also waiting to be interviewed. One was a Urologist who’s specialty was prostate cancer, an illness that disproportionately affects Black men.

The other men where the entrepreneurs behind thatsuitsyou.org, an organization that helps men get back into the workforce. I was in great company. Both these men proudly told me that their wives were natural and they preferred natural hair. We had a little conversation about the topic before they headed to the studio for the interview.
Alone by myself in the Green Room, I had plenty of time to sign the release form the intern had left for me as well as to enjoy a great fruit salad that was laid out on a table for guests. After a sip of water I was ready to go.

The interns totally warmed me up with their questions about natural hair. Both of them had questions about growing hair, extensions, braids, products you name it. Then it was finally time to meet Sandra Bookman, the host of Here and Now and what a pleasure it was.

Not only does she knows her stuff, she has a warm personality. People asked me if I was nervous but I wasn’t. I just really enjoyed talking with her, answering her questions and sharing whatever she wanted to know. I just really had a good time.

Now if that transfers to a good show, I don’t know. I know that sometimes I struggle to find the right words even if I know exactly what I want to say. Hopefully that didn’t happen but I guess we have to wait and see. The show airs this Sunday at noon on WABC. I hoop you will be watching and tell me how I did.

For those of you who missed it here is the clip.

Thanks to all of you who watched and sent me great feedback. It was very encouraging and much appreciated!

In case you wonder about the hairstyling part, you can watch the complete Hairstyling Video.


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