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Sula Nyc
Safeeyah Olive Soap
Safeeyah Olive Soap

This week I was able to use one of the most sensual skin products there is. Straight from the deserts of Morocco, with Sula NYC, I went from ashy and dry to silky and smooth.

This week I was able to use one the most sensual skin products there is, with Sula NYC. The first Sula Nyc product I started with was the Black Moroccan Olive Soap which is 100% olive based and prepares your skin for the removal of dead skin cells.

legwitholivesoapI first began by placing warm water on my body parts, then applying the Black Moroccan Olive soap onto my skin. I let the soap sit for ten minutes then I rinsed before I moved to the next step. For the second step, I used the exfoliating Kiis (mitt) to scrub my body parts, with firm, long strokes, this is where I saw the dead skin cells come up, and I then rinsed.

mixingFor the third step, I mixed the  Rhassoul 100% natural lava tablets with warm water until it formed as a clay/paste. I then massaged the clay to smooth my skin and spread onto the part of my body that was most in need.


legwithclayI left the clay on for about 7 minutes, then I rinsed it off well. I can surely tell you I noticed the difference immediately, it was amazing!



ashyleg afterphoto

facialpastebeforeFor the fourth step I used the Rhassoul 100% natural powder. I first mixed the powder with warm water. I then used the facial Kiis to scrub and exfoliate my facial skin before I applied the paste. next I lightly applied the paste onto my face leaving it on for about 5 minutes to sit and steam, then rinsing it off well. Again the results were wonderful, my face felt clean, soft, and smooth.


safeeyahfacebefore safeeyahfaceafter

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