Stacy L. Morrow

Stacy L. Morrow

10 Reasons I Believe I Am Miss. Nappturality:

1. I found myself in finding Nappturality –the lifestyle, as well as the Web site five years ago.
2. I represent Nappturality everywhere I go –at work, church, conferences, weddings–no matter what the occasion, there is no doubt, I’m rocking my napptural hair with pride.

3. In the last five years of being lye-free I have encouraged and convinced dozens of women to embrace their natural hair and join the napptural life.

4. People who know me, know that they can turn to me anytime 24/7 to get information about anything hair related. 

5. Strangers compliment my hair all the time and seek advice on napptural styling and products, and I welcomely provide the direction they seek. 

6. I love the community of and it is the only hair Web site I ever visit and recommend. 

7. I always encourage everyone I meet to visit by scribbling the site address down on the back of my business card. 

8. From the beginning I have documented my napptural journey to help others learn from my experience:    pw:

9.  I can chat for hours and days on end about the virtues of napptural hair! 

10. My obituary will include as a major turning point in my life.

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