So chic

So chic

Teesha Natural HairWearing an updo shows much grace.  Accentuate the Africanesque features of your face! 



From the texture of our non conformed strands to the abounding styles we can choose from, we are automatically set apart and represent the epitome of chic!  According to Websters Dictionary, the definition of chic is “smartly stylish”.  The best way to be smartly stylish is to stand out in the crowd!  According to the May 2000 issue of Ebony Magazine there are only 16.1% of black women that wear their hair natural.  Jumping forward to the present it is possible that having a black president will increase the percentage because of ones awakened sense of pride.  Either way, the numbers are fairly low, so the likely hood of you going to a party with your natural do and being the only one with your hair style is very likely!  How cool is that? 

We all know that choosing an updo as opposed to wearing our hair lose adds to the chic feel.  It is a chance for us to show off our beautiful Africanesque features!  Unfortunately few have caught on to the beauty of natural hair.  Think about it…Television, film and the modeling industry usually glorify women that have straight or weaved hair.  There’s nothing wrong with thinking Tyra and Beyonce are beautiful, but much can be said about Lisa Bonet, Alek Wek and Sophie Okonedo as well!  Despite how “unglamorous” the media may make you feel, let there be much to say about YOU!

Dare to be you when you step out on the town or go to a party.  Wear your lovely locs in whatever style suites your mood, but KNOW that all eyes will be on YOU because you stand out when wearing natural hair!  

**T. Smart Photography

**Hair by LaJoyce Waajid (The ART OF GEM natural hair care) 


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