Patricia Gaines on Challenge 3

Patricia Gaines on Challenge 3

Challenge 3: Muynya
Woooowwww! I am impressed not only with your photos, but with your entire presentation. The product placement, color choice, background. Everything fits perfectly with what the client would like to promote with their products. You are a true, natural beauty. Showing your locs to their best advantage seems to come easily to you – they are tremendous (I am resisting the temptation to loc it up myself) and I like the attitude of quiet confidence you show to the camera. Beautiful job and the photography is excellent.

Challenge 3: Ebony
This is your best challenge yet. Your hair looks healthy and full of life which is what the client needs to see in order to sell their products. Your hair alone sells the product, and this is before we take a closer look at the composition of the photos. The lighting is excellent, the colors chosen really enhance your skin’s highlights. I can’t fault anything with this. Congratulations!

Challenge 3: Nina
Very clever and creative! You exude confidence through your photo shoot and your wardrobe choice shows a lot of thought went into complementing the image the product is attempting to put forward – lots of citrus and freshness. What I really like is the way you smile and give the viewer something to imagine – being on the beach with Jamaican Lime and Mango. Very well done Nina.

Challenge 3: Natasha
Your challenge brings the product to the urban city skyline. I think this was a risk, and a risk that you succeeded in overcoming. I like the way your hair is styled, but not over-styled and looks natural and free. The photo with the lime on your back is excellent and I could easily see this in a print ad in Vogue. Great job!

Challenge 3: La Lueur
Very professional shoot . With a view to promoting the products, your challenge nails it. I especially like your hair in an afro with the flower that matches the highlight packaging of the product – and your makeup is applied perfectly and not overdone. If I were the client I would be very happy with your challenge and to have you as a spokes model.

Challenge 3:  Timolin
Your challenge showed a sleek sophistication and is one of my favourites this time around. The green dress you chose complements the product packaging without competing with it. Your eye makeup is tremendous and is not only keeping my eyes on you, but adding to the drama of the product with the matching hues. You have stepped up again, and I am very impressed with the way you have approached this challenge.

Challenge 3: Stephanie
Choosing the snow theme was an interesting concept and one not often seen with ads for a product with “Jamaica” in its name. But you did it well. You are perfectly coiffed and styled, but I don’t think the product interest is as central as it should be. That said, the colors you chose are perfect and your smile carries through in all the photos beautifully.

Challenge 3: Raven
You are a rock star. You have your own look and image – and you use that for dramatic effect. Your challenges are unique and energetic, no matter what the product is you are advertising. I like the way you put that energy into showing the product in its best light and though my eye keeps returning to you, I return to the product to see what it is that you seem so passionate about.  That is something not often seen but often misused. Keep treading that fine line and your energy and originality will win over hearts and minds.

Challenge 3: Denitrika
Although I liked your choice of clothes and hair, the quality of the photographs did not do you or the product justice. They were too dark. You took a lot of care in styling your hair and your makeup, that showed. Make sure the photographer ensures you are lit correctly for the ambience and the resulting shots show you and the product you are promoting in their best light – clearly and in perfect focus. Now that said, your eyes are a tremendous plus for you and draw the viewer in. Looking at the camera is a big plus for you and the coordination of your eye makeup with your wardrobe and the product will gain you points.

This was a very difficult challenge to judge because everyone has stepped up to the plate. I would like to say that after seeing this challenge, you ALL look beautiful and are in the running to win this thing .  It is important for me to say to all the models how important it is to have a good photographer. You may have the best challenge set up only to be let down by the photography, which could lose it for you.  Get that lighting and focus right!

After much difficulty, my winners are:

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