Ngozi Jewelry Collection… inspired by Nature adorned by Naturals

Ngozi Jewelry Collection… inspired by Nature adorned by Naturals

Ngozi Design NecklaceThe Ngozi Design Group offers one-of-a kind Limited Edition Beaded Jewelry. In fact, Ngozi means “blessing” in the Igbo language of Nigeria


Ngozi Design in Bamboo




I feel honored to be blessed with the opportunity to wear a beautiful Amber and Carnelian necklace from their Jewelry Collection. Ngozi Design creates beautiful and colorful pieces that one may not expect to see but coordinates so well with today’s trends.  For Challenge 7, I infused myself in Nature, adorned my neck in an Ngozi Original Design, and allowed my Natural Hair to be wild and free.

I choose the Ngozi Amber and Carnelian Necklace based on my attraction to shape and colors of the stones.  I wanted to learn more about the stones to find out why I felt so connected to this alluring piece. I learned Amber (or, technically, resinite) is fossilized tree resin (not sap), which has been appreciated for its color and natural beauty since Neolithic times (9500 BCE).* The Romans believed Carnelian was a stone of courage that could shore up strength and confidence. Carnelian is also considered an alternate birthstone for July which is my birth month.** Now I realize why my eye was drawn to the beauty of this particular necklace.   

My idea and vision of this photo shoot was to take the fashion trend of layered tanks tops (to make the colors of the necklace pop without overshadowing its beauty) and use Nature as my background. My favorite place to visit is Sarah P. Duke Gardens located in Durham, NC on the prestigious campus of Duke UniversityDuke Gardens provides a tranquil environment filled with trees, plants, flowers, waterfalls, and rocks from all over the World. This environment provided the perfect setting to display an Ngozi necklace, reconnect with Nature, and quiet my Soul. I chose to style my Hair in a low maintenance do -it-yourself Curly Afro. I didn’t want thoughts of improper styling to take away from the aesthetics of my surroundings or one-of-a-kind necklace.  

 The Ngozi Design Group takes pride on being built around transforming expectations and blending ideas.  Being a part of the Miss Nappturality competition has also enabled me to transform any preconceived notions of wearing your hair Natural.  In addition to opening minds to all things Natural, I have creatively displayed and promoted Natural Hair/Skin products and accessories in fresh and innovative ways.  I have made it to Week 7 without losing my own sense of style and personality, which is truly an Ngozi in itself. 

 If you are located in the Atlanta, GA area, you may purchase Ngozi Jewelry at the following locations: 

  • Studio Clout Fine Arts Gallery – Castleberry Hill

  • C’Lee Ann Concepts – Historic Buford

  • Designer Consigner – Alpharetta

 There is also a new location opening in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area very soon.

 You may also view their entire gallery and make purchases on-line at    

Ngozi Jewelry makes a great gift for the holidays.  Ngozi Design will donate 10% of their proceeds to The Sisters Network for any purchases that include shades of pink or made to order requests from their Gallery. The Sisters Network is an organization that supports African American survivors of breast cancer and our on-going battle to eradicate this disease.  Not only will you go home or present someone with beautiful gift but you will also do you part in helping those in need. 

Karla Thomas  


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