Mireille on Challenge 1

Mireille on Challenge 1

Black woman with afro and cornrowsAlthough some shoots were better than other ones, I think all the models did their best. Yet, to see who my winner is, you have to read it all.

Carlie, I like photo 2 and 4 the best. Overall I think was a nice the shoot but I miss the damage part. I like your poses, you know how to vary, taking shots from different angles and you know how to pose. That is all good but you have to take the assignment into account. I think your first photo shows damage but it’s not very expressive. Someone who doesn’t know what this challenge is about may think that this is the way you like your hair.

For the next Iman Cosmetics challenge , I would recommend to take your skills to the next level and ace the shoot. You have potential but they need to see it and even take notice if you want them to choose you. Mind you the makeup is more important than hair.

Justyce: I am not sure what story you are telling with your photos here. I see shots with straightened hair but I am not sure if they tell me that the hair is damaged or not. Your photo with the cornrows is full of shadows. All of the shots look like regular shots. I really hope you can crick up your level for the next challenge.

Nefertiti: I think this shot represents the challenge the best. The two appliances speak for themselves and you look away was if you don’t care. I like it a lot. The other photos don’t speak to me that much though. I think I get the first picture you are expressing your happiness of found freedom but if I look at the photo it could be anything. It doesn’t express hair or freedom to me. I get it because I know the challenge. To me it’s just a regular shot and so are the rest of the photos. You have a beautiful face and of course great hair. I like to see more of that, more of you, upclose, tight clear shots.

For the next Iman Cosmetics challenge: I would like to see a bit more professional looking photos, less distractions and as I said more of you, upclose, tight clear shots. It has to because these are makeup shots.


Natasha, I think your photos tell the best story. From the unhappy photo where you look in the mirror to where you seem to burn your hair then doing away with the appliances to that beautiful photo that expresses freedom! All of your photos are clear, well taken, tell a story are expressive, really nothing more to add then keep it up. Wonderful shoot.

My tip for the next Iman Cosmetics challenge: Keep your freedom in poses and spirit and use your creativity to ace the shoot. Don’t be as expressive with your face though. They want a relaxed photo that draws people in. You can do it.

Kala for me this is your best shot but I honestly can’t tell which one is your freedom shot or your damaged one. Your photos are just a couple of different shots of you. They don’t tell a story or maybe I just don’t understand it. Overall your shots look regular, they don’t tell me that you are a model yet.

So for the next challenge, I hope you can take it to that level of modeling. Make sure there are no distractions in the background and pay attention to how the light falls your face. Keep the camera still and you will do a whole lot better.

Desyray. This is your best shot and it looks gorgeous, maybe just a little too polished but the make up is good, your hair looks perfect, your pose the light, everything is good. Having said that, I do miss the story here of damage. I see you with straight hair but I don’t know if it’s your hair or a weave. The picture doesn’t really say much and non of the photos really express to me what the challenge is about.

So for the next challenge I would say, read what the customer wants and then imagine how you think you can portray that best. Make a plan and execute it. Please do not include any logos or names on your photos. You can add links and credentials but not in the photos please. If the costumer likes any of your shots, they should be able to use them and they won’t if they have some kind of text or something on them.

Jael, I like your expression in this photo the best. I think it expresses a sentiment that we are all too familiar with; the aggressive combing that you write about. I think it’s a good point that is sometimes overlooked. Overall though, I think you can improve your photo shoot. Your first photo has a lot of shadow. You don’t see your hairstyle. You almost get lost in the fence, I hardly see you. 2nd shot is a close up that is not very good. There is too much going on in that tight shot. I see shadows, hair, your face, earring, necklace, collar, hand. It’s just too busy to get a good look at you.

Picture 3 looks out of focus, it’s not sharp and the background is not complementing the shot at all. Shot 5 is a funny angry shot but I am not sure if it says damage.

For the next shoot, the Iman choose a background that is fitting, not distracting at all. Your outside light is perfect just find a place with a better background or try to shoot in a way which blurs the background if you know how. Just try to get a more professional photo, a tight shot with the focus on your face and the makeup.

Chassity: For me this is your best shot but I hope you can do much better. I also miss the story here. I choose the head wrap not just because it’s nice, it suits you quite well but because I think it fits the challenge: women often cover their damaged hair. Not sure if that was what it was meant for.

Your background is very well chosen but the photos don’t have a professional level. I can see a beautiful woman for sure but the photo are lacking quality.

So for the next challenge, I hope you can take better quality photos.

Reshonda: I think this is your best shot. I like the idea, I like your expression. The whole photo speaks to me about the confusion of tools and hair. So good job but I think the execution could have been better. Overall your photos are a bit dark because the background is dark and your hair gets lost in it. I also think your shots can be tighter, more of your face and hair.

So for the next challenge I hope you can do just that. And again, like Desyray, please don’t add credential into pictures. You can add them in your essay but not in the photos. Just keep it tight, look for a better background that compliments you and the scene.


Jalita: I just love this shot! I love your hair, I love the way you look, I love the tangled appliances, very well done. the only minus I would say is the shirt. It would be even better if it was a blank one with no print on it or a pro nappy print would make it even better. I have to say your next shot is also very good. The confusion is clear and I can see both these photos in magazines. Your first shot is creative but watch the shadows in the 2nd one.

So for the next shoot: take it to the next level and be aware of shadows.

My winner: Natasha followed by Jalita.





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