Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey on Week 7

Dr. Nina “BeautifulBrwnBabyDol” Ellis-Hervey on Week 7

Nina Ellis Harvey natural model

First off, let me say, accessories are my favorite as they can make any look soar to the next level!  I felt that you all took your accessories and displayed them well and made me want them all.  Its sooo hard to choose a favorite!

Nina Ellis Harvey natural model


I really enjoyed your shoot!  Let me say, you really did a wonderful job at showing different angles of yourself!  You looked more relaxed, natural and in your element.  I loved the necklace you wore and you did a good job of making sure that you complemented it well!  Great week for you!



I really thought you looked so amazing in your photos, however it was hard to see you clearly with the quality of the photos.  Your eyes and your smile were great.   I think some of these same pictures with better lighting and photo quality would have been more than great.



I LOVE how your skin looks with this color!  Girl, orange is most definitely for you.  You appeared so confident, graceful and like you enjoyed being everything that embodies being a woman!  I loved the simple background as well.  It truly allowed me to see the accessories with no distractions!  BRAVO!



You are gorgeous and I loved your choices and poses with the accessories.  Your smile was lovely and I felt I got a glimpse at your personality.  I think what I was missing was a little more color in the photos.  Though your backgrounds and such were nice, I think a pop of color would have allowed the accessories to stand out that much more.



Kala, Kala, Kala!  My dear, I’m speechless.  In my most modest and yet supportively enthused voice: “YOU BETTER WERK!”  Your display of the accessories, your makeup, the settings, your hair….All FLAWLESS!!!  I think you complemented the pieces very well!  I think my favorite is the black and while photos!  You ROCKED this challenge….Keep it up!


Favorite: Kala

Least Favorite:  Nefertiti

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