Do It Yourself Guide on Creating Natural Hair Coils

Do It Yourself Guide on Creating Natural Hair Coils

Coils with FlowerAre you tired of the same natural hair style? Are you interested in trying something different and new but not sure where to start?  Give Coils a try! In 7 easy do it yourself steps you can achieve your own Coils. You can also add oomph to your style by using flower hair accessories from Ododo Originals.

Coils with Flower

 Do It Yourself Guide on Creating Natural Hair Coils

Tools Needed: 

  • Twist N Curl potion
  • Tail comb for parting your hair
  • Hair clip for sectioning your hair
  • Hair brush for detangling and distributing the Twist N Curl potion throughout your hair
  • Flex Rod Rollers

NOTE: You must wash and condition your hair first before you begin to coil your hair.  Allow your hair to air dry in 6 to 12 manageable sections. I double strand twisted each section of my hair. Depending on your hair texture you may need to create more sections.  Keep in mind, your hair does not have to be completely dry.  Your hair will take longer to dry with the flex rods if it is soak and wet. 

Step 1  

Divide one section of your hair into two parts.


Step 1 in prepping for Flex rods

Step 2

Add the Twist N Curl potion from the root to the tip of your hair. Add just enough for each strand.  Over saturation of your hair could cause the product to flake when dry or your hair could become too soft to hold the coiled style.  

Step 3

Brush the strand of your hair from root to tip to ensure the product is absorbed by your hair.  Using the brush also aids in smoothing out your hair in preparation for the Flex Rods.

Step 2 of prepping for Coils


Step 4 

Now it is time to start rolling your hair around the Flex Rod rollers. First, wrap the ends of your hair around the rod twice.  This will ensure your ends are secure. Do not leave the ends of your hair exposed.  Continue to roll your hair in the direction you want your coils to fall. For thicker hair, you may need to be firm in holding the rod and roll away from your face to avoid any puffiness at the root.  You want your coils to be smooth as possible.  When you have rolled the entire strand, bend the ends of the rod toward each other to secure in place.  

Step 5

Repeat Steps 2 – 4 until you have coiled your entire head of hair around the Flex Rods.  Allow your hair to air dry.

Steps 4 and 5 for Hair Coils


Step 6 

Once your hair is dry, take your time and unravel your hair from around the Flex Rods. If you notice any fly away strands or unsecured ends, use a small amount of the Twist N Curl potion and manual coil your hair with your fingers.  To manual coil your hair, twist your strands in the direction of the coil. 

Step 6 of Hair Coils


Step 7

You are now ready to finger comb and style your hair. Have fun with your coils and be creative with your styles.  

To add a flare to your coiled strands, try adding a hair accessory such as an Ododo Originals flower.   You can find an array of unique Ododo Originals flowers on-line at If you are unable to find a flower that suits you, custom requests are available.  You can also become a Facebook fan and get previews on upcoming sales and exclusive items.

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