Challenge 6 – Natural Chic

Challenge 6 – Natural Chic

Wow!  We are now down to the top 5 and you ladies must be in it to win it because I am just blinded by your beauty.  No matter who is named Miss Nappturality, you are all goddesses.

TEESHA – Wonderfully written essay, but there were some spelling errors.  Just call me Mr. English Professor.  LOL!  But I love the sentiment.  Your hairstyle is regal and fabulous and chic.  LaJoyce really worked it!  Beautiful photos in your gallery as well.  Are you based here in NY?  I’d like to work with you for NY Fashion Week.

KARLA –  I love your essay.  I think accessorizing is very important because it really allows you to make your look your own.  It is very well-written.  You take great photos, but I think there is a little too much light infused in 3 of them.  Fuchsia is a great color on you.

SAFEEYAH – The essay that you’ve written for this challenge is excellent.  It’s passionate and empowering.  Very well done.  There is a misspelled word – “dwelve” should actually be “delve”.  But it does not take away from the content.  You’re a very pretty young woman, but I am always disappointed by the hot spots that show up on your face each week.  You’ve chosen a lovely colored background, your hair is awesome, and your face is done, but you do yourself a disservice with the amateur photography.  But if you are New York based, I’d love to work with you also on fashion week.

TOSHIA – Another very well written essay.  I really like how you tied in the first lady.  It’s topical and relevant.  And your photo is really nice.  What a lovely smile you have.  You showed a lot of versatility in your hairstyles in the photo gallery.  I am impressed.

CHRISTINA – Your essay is well-written, but it lacked the personal touch that was so prevalent in the other competitors.  Yours left me a little cold.  And while I think you are beautiful and posses a wonderful smile, I’ve seen you do much better with your photos.  A little disappointing this week.

 I could not choose one winner this week.  My vote for best essay is Safeeyah and for best photos is Teesha.  Congratulations, ladies!

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