Why A Relaxed Sister Favors Sisterlocks


By Terez Howard

My sister (who proudly proclaims her addiction to “the creamy crack”) was recently complimenting my hair.  She has been impressed by the way my locs have progressed over the past year. 

Going Natural

Added to this compliment was a veiled disparaging remark, at least it was disparaging in my opinion. “I like your hair because it just looks like strands of hair.  It doesn’t look like those thick locs,” as if to say that those “thick locs” are no good. Yes, I chose Sisterlocks because I favor micro-sized/thinner dreadlocks. I like my tiny, neat parts and intricate styling options.  However, I greatly admire thick, luscious locs, and I recognize that these types of locs can also be styled a plethora of ways. I don’t like my hair because I think it’s better than some other way of styling natural hair. It might be better for me and my personal preference.  It is not generally better. And I crazy for taking offense to my sister’s comment?  It felt like a stab to my family of natural heads.

How about you?  How do you feel when people diss other naturals?





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