Video of an easy Twist Out

Natural hairstyle Twist Out with accessories

If you spend too much time on your natural hair putting your hair in tiny twists to get a nice twist out that last, this video is for you. Take a look to see how you can save time styling your hair in a  twist out. 

 Natural hairstyle Twist Out with accessoriesThe Twist Out is one of the most, if not the most, popular natural hairstyle today. This is hardly a surprise. The voluminous crinkled look can transform any woman making her feel like a diva in charge. The Bantu Out and the Braid Out hairstyle are also gaining popularity as these are all excellent ways to expose the natural beauty of our African coils.

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The only minus of all of these styles is the maintenance. It often takes too much time to twist the hair up especially if you make them small. So I created this video to show you how to save time and do a twist out in half the time. It’s the same way I created the Happy Curls.

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