Natural Hairstyles for the Summer

Three Hot Natural Hairstyles for the Summer

During the summer hair needs to be protected from the heat of the Sun. Regardless of the protective style you choose, it’s important to look cute and effortless. Protective styles are great ways to not only minimize exposure to hair but the keep hair out of the way so you stay cooler in the heat. To give hair a bit of sun protection we recommend using our Silky Shea Hair Butter to reap the benefits of shea butter’s in built sun protection factor.

Natural hair extensions

Natural Hairstyle from the Going Natural Hair Show Video

Natural Hair Extensions  This protective style is great for summer because not only does it keep your hair protected but it’s sure to keep longer hair off your neck helping you to stay cool. You can try this style with your braided or twisted extension, your locs or own hair braided or twisted provided your hair is long enough. Gather hair from the nape of your neck and roll, tuck and pin hair in the center moving towards the front of your hair. Once you get to the front of your hair sweep and pin hair on the side you pinned your roll to secure your bangs off your face. Maintain style with our Scalp Conditioning Spray to keep hair and scalp hydrated.

Cornrow with puff bangs on short natural hair

From the exhibition BAD Hair Uprooted

Cornrow braided style for short natural hair  This style involves installing cornrows in the back of the head running diagonally from the nape towards whichever side of your head you choose. Leave a section of the front loose, just enough for your bang section.

From the exhibition BAD Hair Uprooted

Use Herbal Hair Gel above the Silky Shea Hair Butter when installing this style to help control frizz. These products can be used for maintenance of the style as well. Be sure to apply the Silky Shea Hair Butter to the hair that has been left loose so that hair is nourished, shiny and protected from the heat of summer. The herbal hair gel can also be used to tame your edges. 

Coils by Maria Thompson

Coils by Maria Thompson

Coils are a great way to style natural hair especially at shorter lengths. Coils can be achieved with the use your fingers or a comb. Start with freshly washed and conditioned hair that has been moisturized and sealed. Apply a small amount of gel to each section then coil by twirling around your index finger or using a small teeth comb to create the coils. The Curl Keeper Styling gel gives a great hold without leaving residu.

Maintain edges with a little bit of gel every few days. Often times a tiny bit of water may be used to reactivate gel that has been previously applied if you prefer a sleeker look for your edges. General maintenance of the style requires moisture every few days depending on your hair and environmental conditions. Moisturize hair with the Scalp Conditioning Spray and follow up with a little bit of Silky Shea Hair Butter.

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