going Natural hair show

The Going Natural Hair Show and More

going Natural hair show
going Natural hair show

I had an AMAZING time in Amsterdam. One look at the colorful Keti Koti Album and one might wonder why I would even consider coming back. Well I might have stayed longer if I didn’t have the best reason to come back: The first Going-Natural Hair Show!

Yes, I had the honor to open the brand new stage at the International African Arts Festival with my own show featuring New York Finest Hairstylists. This was a doubly honor as it gave me a chance to personally praise natural hairstylists and you will see the photos and video soon.


Many of us natural heads are diy-ers which is ok but I also sense that we think we don’t need to visit salons anymore once we are natural. I beg to differ.

Although, probably like many of you, I was disappointed in those salons who didn’t seem to care much about my hair’s health when I was perming, I learned a lot from natural hairstylists since starting my natural hair journey.

Not only do I know that they got me started but also that we are now all lifting on natural hair stylists. You probably know this but you may not be aware of it: Where do you think all those gorgeous natural hairstyles you see on facebook or google come from? Indeed, the styles you copy and save on your hard drive are created by endless inspiring natural hairstylists. 

Only few of you may know that the natural hair movement that is going on now, lifts on the first ever natural hair salon in Brooklyn in 1979 Kinnaps. It started with that one single salon and the vision of Adamolla Mandalla. Before that there was no place where Black people could go to install locs or even retwist them in whole America. Soon, other natural salons followed and many years later they showed me what natural hair could do. I really had no idea until I saw the styles at BAM and once I noticed the endless versatility of natural hair, it inspired me to take photos and create this exhibition Bad Hair at Its Best to share the experience.

Another reason to visit natural hair salons is that natural hairstylists know our hair. Youtube channels are great but if you need a consultation of what is going on on your crown, the in-depth knowledge of natural hair salons is invaluable. Ask anyone with a hair issue. Now you don’t have to wait until you have an issue, you can just visit to get pampered and to get a great style because one thing we can agree on, their styles are just off the chain!

So as you can imagine, I was very exited to do this hair show. A video is in the works but for now you can enjoy a few photos of the fashion show at the International African Festival and some of the hairstyles.

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