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Natural hair extensions dreadlocks

After eight weeks of rocking my locs-without-commitment, I went back to Quincy, my stylist, to get my locs re-twisted. After getting the job done she created this fabulous style and once again I was elated. I still couldn't believe that I could rock the same beautiful styles that sisters with long mature locs wear. I always admired the wonderful updos so much and it's hard to believe that with these extensions I can rock those styles myself. I felt like a queen with this regal updo. You can do this too for Christmas or New Years eve.



Natural Locs Hairstyle


With the new growth retwisted, the locs look even more real. It's nearly impossible to see where my hair ends and the loc extension begins.


Natural Locs Hairstyle - Side View

Although the maintenance is easy you have to be more careful with loc extensions than regular ones if you plan on locing your hair for real.

More than anything you want to prevent buildup. That means clear natural shampoos, no conditioners just natural basic stuff because you don't want residues of conditioners to lock in your hair. Not only is buildup really hard to remove, it also weakens a loc.


Natural Locs Hairstyle

Don't be afraid to accessorize your styles. These Cowrie Shells are an excellent way.
You can also wear them with an afro or cornrows.

To refresh the style I used the Scalp Conditioning Spray. This fabulous Spritz can also be used to refresh and hydrate braids and cornrows, basically any style that exposes the scalp. Scalp Conditioning Spray> boost your style’s radiance and minimize frizz.

Natural Locs Hairstyle - Top ViewNatural Locs Hairstyle - Back View


The loctition's advice was not to wash my hair until the next appointment but with my lifestyle, going to the gym twice a week, I felt that I needed to wash in between as well. So I washed my locs every week with either the or the Black Olive Soap. Both are natural shampoos and keep my hair clean without stripping the strands of my so needed moisture.


Adorned Natural Locs HairstyleNatural Locs Hairstyle - Front View


Don't be afraid to accessorize your styles for the holidays. These Cowrie Shells are an excellent way. You can also wear them with an afro or cornrows. If you want to get loc extensions or get your real locs styles you may want to check Quincy out.

Stylist Quincy: 718 216 5605.


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