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Nappy News Blog has a lot going on. Besides organizing our own events like America's Next Natural Model and Bad Hair Uprooted, we also have to keep up with the fast and ongoing changes in Social Media but still, it's important for us to keep you posted about it all.

We also travel internationally, visit hair shows and other special events, just to keep you up to date about what is going on in the Natural hair world at large.

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Crinkles & Curls

Nappy News Blog

Crinkles & Curls Blog by Mireille

A blog by Mireille Liong, author of Going Natural, How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair 

As a Social Entrepreneur with an analytical mind that was conditioned to approach matters mathematically, I couldn't help but dig deeper to find out why Natural Hair ever became an issue in the first place.

So Crinkles and Curls is my personal blog where I like to go beyond the surface and connect the dots between Black Hair, history and society. 

Inspired by Marcus Garvey's famous saying "Remove the crinkles from your brain, not from your hair", I hope to straighten out some persuasive notions and change the stereotypical mindset about African hair.

On a lighter note, I also like to share the experience of living in Bedstuy Brooklyn, traveling abroad and random basic stuff that keep life fascinating. Enjoy!

Natural Expressions

Guest Blogs

Natural Expressions, the spot for Guest Bloggers

Are you a blogger/writer or just a regular person with another interesting Black hair experience or vision that has to do with natural hair?  This is your spot. Here is where you can have your say.

We welcome personal stories and guest blogs and we don't discriminate. Whether you are a man or woman, white or black, if you have something to say about natural hair, that we feel the whole community will benefit from, we will feature you. We do ask that you write a piece of 400 words minimum in good grammer. You can also send us interesting tips at news at 

For now enjoy the Natural Expressions of those who came before you.

Video Diaries


The Going Natural Video Diaries

Video Diaries is a series that follows the Natural Hair movement as it unfolds. With so many Youtube channels, blogs and other hair care busineses on the rise, the renaissance of natural hair is undeniable. However, for most women in the Diaspora going natural is still quite a challenge. The reality is that most of us are still straightening our hair and prefer weaves.

So what is really interesting is  to find out what is behind this natural hair movement. Why do so many women seem to go natural all of a sudden? What is their motivation, how do they do it and how do/did they cope with the issues of going natural? What ARE the issues. Do we all have the same issues?

What better way to find out then to let women speak for themselves and see how we relate. Let's find or see if there is a connection. 

So I hereby invite you to send us a clip with your Hair Video Diary. To participate please send us a photo and your video where you answer the following questions. 

Social Shares

Social SharesSometimes we don't need a lot of words. A great quote, funny video or cute picture is enough to make our day.

Yet, it could be too much to keep up with Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram and other social media channels so we got you covered.

We share with you the latest news, inspirational happenings, viral videos and photos that make their way around the web in social media, even if they don't have anything to do with hair. 

We just hope they touch you like they touched us and make your day a little better one share at the time.

Natural Hair Stories

World's Biggest AfroPersonal Stories about Going Natural

Every head has a story. As women of the world we have the prerogative to at least one hairstyle-gone-terribly-bad.

Most of the time we don't even have the slightest idea what we do to our dear follicles that we adore let alone be aware that we abuse them.

So since the beginning of this community we asked members to share their story. Sharing is caring.

Some of us went natural because our hair was coming out, some just wanted a change of style and others just had enough of the whole process of relaxing.

Our reasons for going-natural may sound the same in general but every transitioning is personal and different.

To read the about the different experiences is encouraging and inspiring, so be our guest and read the stories. 


Men n Napps

Black man with styled dreadlocks

What Men really think about Natural Hair

A while ago when a was still very active on napturality's forum there was a discussion about Black men and natural hair. Whether they liked it or not, preferred only a certain kind of natural or only if it was a certain length.

It was certainly and interesting and lively debate but in all honesty the men were missing. So could it be that it was all just our perception?

Although the post were fascinating we thought it we also needed to hear the other perspective and what way better to then to hear it straight from the men themselves?

So off we went and asked men on several boards and online platforms if we could pick their brain on the topic of Natural Hair and if they wanted to answer a few questions about it.

Let us know what you think after you read their responses.

Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair Care

Natural hair is as delicate as silk and should be treated as such. Hair care is fundamental to grow healthy strands. Very much like you have to take care of your body to be healthy, you have to take of your hair.

Natural Celebrities

vallerie-june-dreadlocksCelebrities with Natural Hair

From the First Lady from the Republic of Suriname to Malene Barnett, a Brooklyn local famous for her excuisite carpet designs, we celebrate our Natural celibrities and like to hear what they have to say about the journey of transitioning and wearing natural hair. And not just from women. 

The first ever dreadlocked tennis player Yannick Noah happily shares his story as does Malcolm Jahmal Warnerm the famous Cosby kid, telling us why he cut his 10 year old dreadlocks.

Stories to live and learn from. 

Black Man's Perspective

black man-cornrowsBlack Man's Perspective on Natural Hair

Some men like natural heads others prefer straight hair but no matter their preference, Black men have their own hair issues.

If you wonder if they spend at least as much time as us women on hair you should read this blog.

It's more than just comments on the natural hair movement as we see it. Often we get an honest assesment of a different perspective. 

A Black men's perspective can be anyone's guess and is probably never the same, nontheless interesting and fun to read. 

Let me know if you agree.

Favorite Things!

 Favorite Things!


More than just Natural Hair Products, Going Natural Gives away books, accessories, favorite things and much more. Favorite things that we love. 


Coupons, sales & Specials
Going Natural Specials; special prices, coupons and sales from, natural hair salons and sponsors.

It's More Than Just Lipstick

It's more than Just lipstick is Chassity Bynum's, America's Next Natural Model 2012, blog about makeup. 

Afro Reflections

Artist and lifestyle blogger Priscilla Amado is a proud African by way of Cabo Verde islands. Although she was born and raised in Boston, Priscilla moved to NYC in 2010 and is currently living in Brooklyn as a freelance media marketing specialist. Heavily inspired by the indigenous/aboriginal spirituality of the ancestors, Priscilla spends her free time studying the ancient culture, dedicated to her Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) yoga practice, and painting. In collaboration with her King they present their transition to healthy + conscious living through their photography and her writing via

Natural Hairstyles

Natural hairstyles for Black women, from afros to twists, dreadlocks, locs and bantus

Afros, Twist Out, Crinkles and Curls

Twist Out with 4C hair created with the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk by Adenike from the Woven Wool Hair

Afros, Twist Out, Crinkles and Curls

Natural Hair worn in an out style that shows off our tresses turns heads no matter whether it's styled in an Afro, a Twist Out, Braid out or Kumba Out. 

That's because it's just Natural Hair at it's best!

That means every texture from kinks to coils and curls to 3b and 4c hair, the more the better, the thicker, the happier.

So be inspired by how our hair literarily proudly stands out big to turn heads unapologetically.

These styles say We just love standing out naturally. And while our coils reach for the moon our tresses make us feel like heaven. Like, comment and share ify ou agree!

Natural Hairstyles for Brides & Weddings

Bridal styles for Natural HairFabulous Wedding Styles for Black Women with Natural Hair

To make sure you look at your absolute best on your wedding day we select the most fabulous Bridal Hairstyles for you.

It doesn't matter if your hair is short, long or in between, you will find a Natural Hairstyle that will not only be the perfect fit for your hair length and your unique curl pattern but will also match your personal style as well as the theme of your wedding day.

We seriously want that once in a life-time day to be nothing less than perfect for you. So if you are inspired by one of these styles we would appreciate a comment, a like and a share.

Also if you had the perfect natural hair style at your wedding day and you don't mind sharing it, don't hesitate and send us that natural hairstyle! We will be happy to show our community how you did it! 

How to

Twist Out Natural hair 4cDo it Yourself Natural Hairstyles

Ever wondered how others seem to be able to create the most fancy hairstyles easily while you are struggling knowing and handling your own natural hair? Worry no more!

As described in the book Going Natural How to Fall in Love with Nappy Hair, it takes time to know your hair, especially if you are not used to its natural texture but with a little bit of practise you will be able to manage and with the right Natural Hair Products and tools your hair will trive!

So take a look and listen to learn how to style and take care of your natural tresses. From twists to twist outs, bantu's adn afro, you can learn to do it all.

Just remember: "If you’re not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you’re determined to learn, no one can stop you."

Featured Hair Salons

Natural Hairstyle by Woven WoolFeatured Natural Hair Salons

Do you realize that all the unimaginable head turning styles we see today are rooted in the endless creativity of Natural Hairstylists?

When nobody thought it was cool to be natural let alone wear your hair in dreadlocks, the first ever Natural Hair salon in the world opened up in Brooklyn, NY offering prfessional loc starter and maintenance services.

Adémola Mandella, the visionary who opened KINAPPS African Groomers in 1979, paved the way natural hairstylists to flourish.

Hundreds and hundreds natural hair salons later we sill like to pay homage and read what inspires them but more than that, we like to see what the've got for us today!

Twists, Braids & Coils

African American woman with natural hairstyle in coils Twists, Braids & Coils in Natural Hair

Twists, Braids & Coils

Going Locs

Starter Braid Locks Going Locs Starting Dreadlocks with Braids

Head Wraps

Headwraps for natural Black womenFabulous Head Wraps

Learn and be inspired by Headwraps that are part of African cultures throughout the world. 

Good Hair Styles

Good Hairstyles with Natural hair The versatility of Natural hair. 


Sisterlocks from Terez HowardSisterlocks

After I read Going Natural: How to Fall in Love With Nappy Hair by Mireille Liong-A-Kong, the lady behind this super helpful natural hair care resource, I knew that I was ready to get locs.

Flat Twists & Cornrows


Flat Twists & Cornrows

Flat Twists & Cornrows

Natural Hair styled in Flat Twists, Cornrows & Updos

Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyle for Short Natural HairNatural Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hairstyles for Black Men

Black man with dreadlocks updo

Hairstyles for Black Men

Black men have always taken pride in their kinky tresses, showing off unique hairstyles with the risk of being socially and racially profiled.

These models just consider African hair a gift and nothing will stop them from expressing themselves by flaunting the beautiful creative hairstyles.

More than clothes it's the hairstyle that makes the men right here and you'll see why when checking out the uniquely coiffed heads. 

Dreads, long or short, kinks, curls and napps say something about the man that carries them and we're looking forward hearing what you think.

So don't hesitate, participate! Like, comment and share! And if you like to see more, read their Natural Hair Stories or Watch the Going Natural Video Diaries.


Long Dreadlocks, locs

Dreads, Dreadlocks, Locs, Sisterlocks and more

Dreadlocks, also knows as locs, are the most misunderstood tresses on this planet. People have been haunted for wearing their hair locked and even today employers consider dreads unacceptable even if they can't tell a braid from a loc.

This section is to show you that dreadlocks, African locked tresses are as beautiful and versatile as any other hair type.

Unique textures make one of a kind dreadlocks.

So just check out these incredibly hairdos, be inspired and share it with the rest of the world. We appreciate likes, comments and shares.


Natural Hair extensionsExtensions and Braids for Natural Hair

Natural Hairstyles with extensions; kinky twists, loc extensions, updos, afro weaves, box braids and more.


Natural Hairstyle Updos for every event

Natural Hair Products

Natural Products for hair care

Nappy on a Budget

Natural on a budgetNappy on a Budget

Natural Hair Care

Natural Hair CareNatural Hair Care

Q & A

Natural Hair Questions & Answers Ask your questions and we will answer!

Hair Food

Whether you are on a budget or not, sometimes it's just good to make your own products. Use these great recipes to inspire you to do your own thing.

We welcome recipes for natural hair food of our readers so please send us your great hair food recipe.

If your hair food recipe is selected to be published you'll be featured.


How to Use

How to use the Going Natural Hair Care products


Created in 04 Going Natural has a rich history of publishing news about Natural Hair. From the latest hairstyles and events to the politics on Black hair.

Our Community

Transitioning Thoughts

Random thoughts about transitioning from relaxed to natural hair by members from the community.

America's Next Natural Model

Pageant News

Get America's Next Natural Model latest news. What is going on, when are you open for submissions and when does the next competition start?


Sponsors of Black Beauty

Sponsors of America's Next Natural Model the Black Beauty Pageant for models with natural hair.

About the Pageant

About America's Next Natural Model,'s pageant to promote Black Beauty & Natural Hair Models showing twist out, bantus, afro, locs, twists and bridal styles.

Season 6

About America's Next Natural Model,'s pageant to promote Black Beauty & Natural Hair Models showing twist out, bantus, afro, locs, twists and bridal styles.

Season 5

 America's Next Natural Model 2013 - Jayme Goodwin. Jayme won a photo shoot in New York, a commercial for Gruvi and $1,000. 

Curl Definition Challenge

Curl Definition with the Going Natural hair MilkIn week 6 of America's Next Natural Model, we turn up the pressure just a little for our top 5 models. Who ever thinks it's easy to be on top has no clue.

So this week the contestants have to show their versatility by doing three different themes for the photo shoot of challenge 6.

1) The head wrap. 5 photos
Each contestant has received a handmade maroon pangi's from Suriname. They have to use the garment to do a head wrap and write a few words (100-200) explaining how they did the wrap while also sharing their opinion about the material, colors shapes etc.

2) The ponytail holder - 5 photos
All models also received a colorful ponytail holder that is perfectly designed for big natural hair, twists and dreadlocks. Since the shop need more photos to promote these the contestants get a chance to show their skills in advertising this beaded ponytail holder.

3) Curl Definition - 5 photos
Curl definition is the most popular term among naturals so I asked the models to create and show their perfect curl definition with the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk or the Curl Keeper.

The best photos are going to be enlarged and used on posters to promote the Going Natural Products. Not just in the US but also in Holland, Suriname and Guadeloupe. So this their change to become an international model!

To give you voters a chance to create your own perfect curl definition, the Curly Twist Out Hair Milk or the Curl Keeper are on sale and so is the Ponytail Holder. So check the Napshop now!

Sponsor of this Challenge is the WebShop

Kumba Out

Kumba Out Natural hairstyle
Of all the natural hair styling videos that I've watched I have never seen what I consider the simplest of styles: The Kumba Out Natural Hairstyle.

It is a hairstyle derived from what we call Motjo Kumbas in Suriname and I think it makes natural hair styling a breeze.

Natural Hairstyle Kumba OutSo this week I asked the contestants from America's Next Natural Model 2013 to do the Kumba Out Natural style and introduce this hairdo to the rest of the world.

To help the models understand how to do this natural hairstyle I created  an instructional with a video that you can see here: The Kumba Out Natural Hairstyle. 

Need more info? Click here to contact us. 

Bridal Styles for Natural Hair

Bridal styles challenge

Valentine is in the air! Since we can never get enough of beautiful romantic hatural hairstyles we asked the models to show us their beautiful natural hairstyles for that special ocassion.

Another reason for a bridial shoot for natural hairstyles is that every year we get numerous requests and nog just from brides but also from bridemaids and even people who just need to visit a wedding. They want to look as good as everyone else and there is no reason they shouldn't.

So show how you can transform one hairstyle into different looks. 

Afro-Hawk HairstyleGood Natural HairstyleThe versatiliy of natural hairstyles

So the models are here to insprire you. Take a look and tell them how they did. The winner of this challenge gets a complete Sula NYC Package for valentine.

More info about sponsorship: Info for sponsors
Need more info? Click here to contact us.

Sula NYC for Valentine


Black Hair in History

Black hairstyles in history

It's Black History Month and natural hair is a great way to celebrate our roots. It's my believe that no story tells the story of our history the way our strands do. In a nutshell:
In Africa a hairstyle was more then just a hairstyle. It was your identity, a social status. People could read your social status and know what tribe you belonged to by looking at your hair.

When we were brought to the Western world, they shaved our heads taking away our identity. When we were on the plantations we didn't have time to do our hair, so we used rags to cover our often ungroomed tresses. Then we started to emulate straight hairstyles in search for a better life and good jobs because they represented a better life.

The afro of the 60's challenged the western beauty standards and became a militant hairstyle. 

Soon after the relaxer was invented and everybody started straightening. Years later we all started braiding because of the damage. Then came the all too popular weave to camouflage the damage. Now at the same time that the weave is as popular the natural hair movement is growing.

For this challenge I want you to express and take pictures of hairstyles which to you represent the different times in history our hair strands went through. So from slavery to now where a Black President is elected for the 2nd time. Take a total of 5 photos and upload them including a writeup where you explain your choices.

Contact info
Need more info? Click here to contact us.


Accessories for Natural Hair ChallengeThe 4th challenge of America's Next Natural Model, the contestants needed to do a photo shoot of one of a kind accessories. This is a commercial shoot where everybody can win as the hats and necklaces that the models wear are immediately be for sale in the nappshop. 

So check out to see whose shoot and accessories you like best, leave a comment and if you really like the accessories don't wait but order. There is only one item available of each shown.  

Natural Hair Accessories
Check the 
accessories in the nappshop.

Sponsor of this Challenge is the WebShop.

More info about sponsorship: Info for sponsors.  

Jamaican Mango & Lime 2013

Jamaica Mango Lime Challenge

America's Next Natural Model is our online pageant to promote natural beauty. For eight weeks contestants do challenging photoshoot to win the competition.

The sponsor of this challenge Jamaican Mango and Lime is looking for creative styles that can be achieved by using their fabulous hair care products. Natural hairstyles like  twists, a twist out or whatever you know will turn heads on a billboard. The model's images will be used in ad campains nationwide.

turkeshaTurkesha Mc Ivy, Executive Manager at Professional Products Unlimited, will be our guest judge to choose a winner. 

Turkesha is a long time member of the community. Here is Turkesha's Natural Hair story.

More info about sponsorship: Info for sponsors

 Need more info? Click here to contact us. 

Sponsor of this Challenge is Jamaican Mango & Lime.




Challenge 7 Haute or Not

America's Next natural Model's 7th challengeAmerica's Next Natural Model is our online pageant to promote natural beauty. For eight weeks contestants do challenging photoshoot to win the competition.

Haute or Not 
Naptural Roots is all about promoting the love, appreciation, and acceptance of our natural hair in all its glory. Naptural Roots Models are real people, not trained models. And we want to see how a real woman would use her creativity to turn what appears to be a regular outfit items (tshirt and earrings) into haute couture clothing! They also have to integrate the Naptural Roots Magazine prominently in their spread. We want fashion magazine quality shots that we would be PROUD to display in the magazine! and the winner will be displayed in the next issue! and you will also get a prize package from our sister company Jordan's Treasures.

This challenge is sponsored by Naptural Roots MagazineCheck them out on Facebook

The soul Tees & I love my fro Challenge

Soul Seed Tees

It's the soul tees/ I love my fro challenge.

The final week! Just one shot to go and it's so exiting.
The sponsors for this last challenge have send their stuff way ahead of time so it wasn't really a surprise for the models what was coming but of course i still had to add a bit of an extra challenging surprise to it.

Besides shooting for the sponsors Soul Seed Tees and I love my fro, I asked the top 3 models to take five shots of themselves and tell us how they evolved during the competition. I also asked them to make a video to share their experience with the rest of us. 



Miss Nappturality 2012

America's Next natural Model 2012 - Chassity Bynum America's Next Natural Model 2012 - Chassity Bynum. Chassity won a photo/video shoot in New York with Designer Adrian Alicea and $1,000. 

Challenge 1 - Damage!

Black Hair damage

For Challenge 1 the models take on Damage:

"73% of African American women complain of breakage, split ends, and dryness caused by relaxers," said Dr. Miller, a dermatologist at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center in Hershey.

That was more than 10 years ago and it looks like it's getting worse with the glues for wigs and weaves and what not.

Although we spend more on hair care than any other ethnic group we suffer the most damage. It's time to create awareness. That is what the contestants of ANNM do for this challenge. These are their stories.

Challenge 2 - Headwraps

Chassity's Headwrap for America's Next Natural ModelHeadwraps are not just a quick fix for a bad hair day. Colorful scarfs intricately wrapped around our crows have always been part of our culture. 

So for Challenge 2 the models of America's Next Natural Model show their headwrap skills with the goal to show the new season's scarfs in the NappShop. So if you like what you see you can order it now!


And since it's Martin Luther Kings Day, the contestants also tell us what this means to them.

Challenge 3 - A Signature Style for Going Natural

The Going Natural Signature Style Challenge

Use the Going Natural products to create a unique style that features nature. Capture your final hairstyle and explain how to achieve that particular style.  The parameters are: 

·         Final photo must “communicate” a natural feeling.  (As all of our products are formulated with natural ingredients)

·         Tell us in 4 easy steps how to achieve final style and which Going Natural products to use.

You will be judged on:

- Creativity - How original and creative is of your style

- Clarity - How easy the steps are to follow to achieve the final look and

- Overall appeal - How stylish your final look is and whether or not the natural feeling comes through

All the products are available right here in the NappShop

Challenge 4 - Iman Cosmetics

Iman Cosmetics LookThe IMAN Cosmetics challenge will be based on achieving the look you see here. The image is simply inspiration and the contestants should use it as a guide.

Create your own creative version of the IMAN “Cheetah Chic” look…using:
·         Tropez Kit
·         Jet Black Pencil
·         Mascara
·         Luxury Radiance Foundation

Karen Chambers who is the Creative Director will be one of the judges on behalf of IMAN Cosmetics for the challenge. The contestants will be judged on whose rendition looks the best.

Good luck ladies!

The Kynx Challenge

Kynx Hair Care LogoFor this Challenge the ladies of America's Next Natural Model have the incredible opportunity to launch a new product line: KYNX!

A visit to their website will not only give you an idea of their wonderful stuff, you will also find a several inspiring natural types.

Your challenge Miss Nappturality is to portray the type that fits you in a photo shoot. The different “muses” to portray are: 1) I am Natural, 2) I am Strong, 3) I am Fierce, 4) I am Free, 5) I am Unique.

I think this is a perfect challenge for this contest and I can't wait to see your photos. Good luck!

The Valentine Challenge

Valentine Bridal HairstyleChallenge 6: Valentine - Sponsored by Beauloni
The premier Afro-centric bridal headpiece company for almost 20 years

Way too often we hear stories that naturals are pressured to straighten their tresses for an upcoming wedding. The models of Miss Nappturality are eager to show you that this is absolutely unnecessary.


So for this beautiful Valentine's Day, the challenge for is to create a breath taking never-to-forget wedding style and adorn it with Beauloni's incredible headpieces.




The Maroon Challenge

Maroon garmentInstead of looking for a sponsor for this challenge, I decided to sponsor this one in honor of the Maroon women from Suriname. While growing up, I often had my hair braided by Maroon women. Never did I realize how much they contributed to the history of the country I grew up in.

They were instrumental in leaving the plantations and building communities far from the cruel slave masters and deep in the rural areas.

Yet, I learned about Ma Pansa from “Tenderheaded” an American Hair book by Juliette Harris and Ntozake Shange: a Suriname Maroon who hid seeds in her hair so that her people would have food no matter where they would land. I can’t think of a better example to celebrate the global connection of Black History at its roots.

The garments are handmade by Johanna Huur who works from her studio in Suriname. Phone: +597 8899128. More about this challenge: Click here

Miss NP 2012 News

America's Next Natural NewsAmerica's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant to celebrate the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Are you an aspiring model interested in participating? The competition runs from January through March. We accept submissions from September on. So make a note and register to stay up to date.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Please get in touch with us as soon as possible.

Winner of this year's competition is Chassity Bynum. This is her space throughout the year. She will keep you posted about her life as America's Next Natural Model 2012. 

 Models of Miss NappturalityTiana Tamara Townsell - 2008 Ebony Clark - ANNM 2011 Teesha Borum - 2010

Judges of 2012

Iman Cosmetics

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant to celebrate the beauty and versatility of African hair.



Recognized for their expertise as well as for their contributions in the natural hair world, is very proud to present the judges of 2012!



If you have products, accessories or other stuff to offer and want want to become a sponsor, please get in touch with us.



Season 3

Ebony America's Next Natural Model 2011 America's Next Natural Model 2011 - Ebony Clark. 

Challenge 1 - Introduce yourself

Your agent finally got you a meeting with the modeling agency you’ve been dreaming about and you know they can get you the perfect gig to rise and shine up and above your potential. The agency will ask you the following questions:

What is your dream gig?

Why do you think you are right for the job?

What makes you special & why should they hire you?

And of course they want to see your photos.

Challenge 2 - Accessories

Ebony for the natural hair Accessory challenge of America's Next natural MOdel

Challenge II - sponsor Going-Natural NappShop


Your 2nd challenge consists of 2 parts: you need to do a commercial shoot for this season's hair accessories for the Going Natural NappShop and the marvelous brand new Going Natural product to suite every scalp called the Roller Braid.


Women all over the world are always interested in accessories and it's not easy finding accessories specially made for natural hair. So we like to show the exclusive items that we have to embellish every head naturally.

The Roller Braid was especially designed to protect and nurture scalp exposing styles. They prevent itching and promote hair growth.

Challenge 3 - Jamaica Mango & Lime

Jamaica Mango & LIme challenge of America's Next natural Model

Challenge III - A photo shoot for sponsor Jamaica Mango & Lime products.



Challenge 4 - Imani Jewelry

Sade Skin challenge for America's Next natural Model

Challenge III - A photo shoot for sponsor Imani Jewelry & Sade Skin Care



Challenge 5 - The Twist Out

Twist Out Challenge for America's next Natural Model Challenge IV - An instructional for a Twist out with the Goin Natural Hair products.



Challenge 6 - Doodles

Doodles Natural Hairstyle for America's Next Natural Model
Curl Definition! Doodles Teri LaFlesh style with Going Natural Hair Products.



Challenge 7 - Fashion challenge!

Fashion challenge for America's Next Natural Model

Challenge 7 - Fashion challenge!


 Complement the designers' garments with a suitable hairdo. Designers: Bweela Steptoe, Melissa LockwoodRodney AlexanderDenise Goring Artwear

Challenge 8 - Hats off for Miss NP 2011!

Timolin for America's Next natural Model
Challenge 8 - Hats off for Miss NP 2011!



2011 Feedback

Week 1

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judgesis here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.


Week 2

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judgesis here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.


Week 3

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judgesis here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.


Week 4

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judgesis here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.


Week 5

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judges is here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.


Week 6

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judges is here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.


Week 7

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judges is here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.


Judges on Week 8

America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.

Our panel of judges is here to pick best picture and give constructive feedback to the models.



America's Next Natural Model is's annual pageant that celebrates the beauty and versatility of African hair.


Our goal is to raise awareness about black hair issues and to improve the image of Black women in de media.


You can help by participating as a model, becoming a sponsor, a voting member or just by spreading the word.



Latest news on the challenges of America's next Natural Model season 3 - 2011; photos, hairstyles and sponsors.

Miss Nappturality 08

Tiana Tamara Townsel America's Next Natural Model 08 - Tiana Tamara Townsel.  Tamara won $500 cash.

Challenge 5

The 5th Challenge: The Eden Body Works Experience!

All models received an Eden Body Works package and the challenge was to pick their favorite one. They happily share their experience. Enjoy!

Challenge 4

The 4th Challenge: Accessories to accentuate one's natural beauty
Each contestants received a special basket with hair products and many other surprising items. In there also a variety of accessories sponsored by Accessories to accentuate one's natural beauty.

Read their experience and visit the albums to see the first series of necklace sets. Each of these sets can be ordered and will be auctioned by just incase you like what you see. So take a look, vote and place your bid!


Challenge 3

3rd Challenge: Homemade Hair Recipe
Each contestants received a special basket with hair products, accessories and many other surprising items. A bunch of them were natural ingredients sponsored by virgin coconut oil, Amla Powder, Shikakai Powder and pure Sheabutter.

Natural hair deserves nothing less than the best natural care so the next task for the models was to create their own recipe with the ingredients sponsored by

There are many great products out there but almost nothing really compares to doing your own thing and making your own product. If you know what your hair likes, needs and prefers your napps will thank you and show you that shiny glow. So if you haven't tried making your own product yet or need inspiration, check this challenge out and vote!

Challenge 2


The 2d Challenge of America's Next Natural Model: Satin Pillow Case ad
All contestants received a special basket with hair products, accessories and many other surprising items. One of which was a satin pillowcase. Some of them emailed me that it was one of their favorite items. So I guess this challenge was an easy one.

Since we all know that cotton absorbs moisture out of our delicate tresses they had to take a commercial picture to promote the satin pillowcase that is one of the must-have items of the NapShop.

I had no idea how creative the participating models were and I was more than happy with the results. Some of the pictures really put a smile on my face and made my day but don't just take my word for it. See for yourself and rate. Click on the pictures to get to their albums.  Feel free to add comments. The models get bonus points for comments.

About & Hairstories

The 1st Challenge of America's Next Natural Model
In the 1st week the models had the opportunity to introduce themselves and to share their hair stories. You can read their interesting, funny and heartfelt stories here.

Challenge 10

The last Challenge 
I  am overly proud to present this last challenge. Delivering great pictures week after week takes quite an effort, believe me. It proved to be too challenging for half of the contestants. So all of these wonderful models not only represent natural beauty but also character. Behind the scenes, I had my own challenges but their cute, funny and or interesting write-ups kept me going and their pictures never failed to put a smile on my face. This week's pictures are even better. I think they saved the best for last. Please let me know if you agree.

Tiana  Townsell Erica

Miss Nappturality 2010

America's Next Natural Model 2010 Teesha Borum America's Next Natural Model 2013 - Teesha Borum.

Season 2 Judges

The Judges on America's Next Natural Models

Challenge 2- Sula NYC

Sula NYC Sponsor of ANNMThe 2d Challenge of America's Next Natural Model is sponsored by Sula NYC

Challenge 3 - Jamaica Mango & Lime

Jamaican Mango & Lime Cactus Gro

Challenge 4 - Hats and Scarfs

Sponsored by, America's Next Natural Models are featuring hats and scarfs in the pageant that promotes natural black beauty and hair.

Challenge 5 - Twist and Curl

Sponsored by, America's Next Natural Models are creating Twist and Curls Natural Hairstyles in the pageant that promotes natural black beauty and hair.

Challenge 6 - Chique Natural Hair Updo

Sponsored by, America's Next Natural Models are creating a chique natural hair updo in the pageant that promotes natural black beauty and hair.

Challenge 7 - Ngozi Design Jewelry

Sponsored by, America's Next Natural Models are featuring Ngozi Design Jewelry in the pageant that promotes natural black beauty, hair, Ngozi Design Jewelry


Challenge 8 - Nappy in America

Sponsored by, America's Next Natural Models are expressing "Nappy in America" in the pageant that promotes natural black beauty and hair.


Challenge 9 - Your experience

Sponsored by, America's Next Natural Models share their experience of competing in the pageant that promotes natural black beauty and hair.


The Judges of 2010

Sponsored by, America's Next Natural Models introduces the Judges of 2012 for the pageant that promotes natural black beauty and hair.


Click here to see what is in a model's basket


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Did we miss a good one? Or would you like to recommend a must see video? Please let us know and email us. Thanks in advance!

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As our hair grows we too grow over our embarrassment, learn to make better choices and eventually we can laugh about the whole incident. Unfortunately, not all experiences can be laughed off. When there is permanent damage caused no sense of humor can help fix the disaster and one has to learn to live with it. For others there is a lesson that can be learned.

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Professional Hairstyles

Twists Out natural hairstyle

Slide shows from natural hairstylists, salons and hair shows featuring natural hairstyles; afro, twists, twist out, dreadlocks, cornrows

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My work celebrates the beauty of African hair; an underappreciated natural beauty all too common destroyed by harsh chemicals and damaging weaves.

Capturing the beauty of African Hairstyles allows me to picture the beauty of Black natural strands while shining a light on the social injustice of unequal hair rights.

Beyond the beauty of each portrait I hope people realize that the exceptional style they so admire seems unusual because Black people are the only ones on planet earth who don’t have the basic human right to wear their God given tresses natural. Black people need to go to court to be granted the simple right of wearing styles fit for their characteristic strands because African Hair is being stereotyped, ridiculed and even worse, considered less than other hair types.

Still today, any company can reject a potential Black employee because their policies don’t allow Dreadlocks, Cornrows or Afros. All of which are perfectly normal African hairstyles but are regarded to as unprofessional, political, extreme or even as “too ethnic."

As a direct consequence Black women suffer disproportionally from hair and scalp issues despite the fact that they outspend any other ethnic group on hair care. Up to 73% of African American women suffer from hair break in their quest to meet society's standards of what hair should look like; the unwritten hair etiquette based on strands that are genetically different from African hair.

So trough my lens, I like to show people a different reality. Not only do I hope that the beauty of these styles make society realize that it violates a basic human right but also what a disservice it is to deny the world the beauty of African hairstyles.

My deepest hope however, is that women in the Diaspora see their beauty reflected in the versatility of some of the most amazing styles our hair has to offer and realize they HAVE good hair. There is no reason to destroy perfectly shaped napps with hazardous chemicals or obsessively compulsively spend a mortgage on artificial wigs and weaves marketed as "real" hair.

You can read more about My 1st Natural Hair Exhibition in New York.

Bad Hair Uprooted's the 10th anniversary exhibition featuring Natural Hairstyle portraits of locs, twists, afro, cornrows, dreadlocks.

The Pursuit of Nappiness

dreadlocks in a crowns

Natural Hairstyle of The Day

Signature dreadlocknatural hairstyleNatural Hairstyles from my traveling exhibition "The Pursuit of Nappiness". 

When for the first time in my life I entered a world where natural hair was not just prevalent but the styles were incredible, I went ballistic. 
Never had I seen styles like these. It was like rediscovering African hair. This was visible evidence of what my hair could actually do! I was baffled by the beauty and the versatility of Natural Black Hair and all of a sudden "bad hair" had a new meaning; these styles were BAD!
Since then I pictured natural hairstyles where ever I go. The result is an exhibition named The Pursuit of Nappiness. I hope you enjoy the styles and look forward to your comments.



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