My Favorite Moisturizer For My Locs


By Terez Howard Water.

It comes as no surprise that water is perfect for natural hair.  It often times is the first ingredient you see in moisturizing products.  So, why not use it on your locs to keep them moisturized?

TerezI simply spritz daily with tap water.  But I have learned that hard water can be damaging to my hair.  It can actually strip your hair of moisture.  That’s why I am going to start using the water that goes through my home’s reverse osmosis system for drinking in my precious tresses.  If you don’t have a water filtration system, you can always pour bottled water into your spray bottle.  Even boiling your water can rid it of many impurities.

Water is my hair’s best friend.  It’s simple.  It’s cheap.  It’s my favorite.

But if your hair craves a little more moisture, check out my article on these other natural hair moisturizers.






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