My Epiphany

Big Chop Near Me

Where to start?? Well first I will introduce myself. My name is Camille and I am young just married proud African American Woman. You might ask why mention race, well it’s because it’s what everyone expects. For African American’s to prove who we are. Well sorry to bust your bubble, but  that’s not me.   So now that we are through all of the logistics lets take a minute and hear how I came about choosing to go natural and embrace who I always was, but never knew.

For years I have always wanted to go natural and embrace who I am. I admit I had that sterotypical attitude about having “nappy hair” or correction New Growth be so prominently on my head. Lot’s of questions ran through my mind, like would it look right and would people talk about me and would I still be this beautiful woman that I look at in the mirror everyday. Well I sat and thought and…. Yes, Yes, and well Yes…

I had to remeber to love me and all the ways that God created me, I am beautiful as God made me. Just like India Arie said, ” I am not my hair, I am the soul that lives within.” My hair is just a symbol of who I am and where I’m from, one that I so eagerly want to wear.

I currently have relaxed hair and on Sept. 11 2o10 I am starting the transformation and to what is now Woman Hood, Sister Hood and yes Diva Style. I look forward to keeping you updated with pictures and emotions that I experience. This decison I believe will impact me in such a profound way there is surely going to be a story to tell. So stick around and see how My Epiphany Goes.

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