Mid Strand Splits?

Q and A by Yendys

Last fall I began noticing splits in the middle of my strands. The ends would be completely intact, but the middle of the strand would be split or have holes. Sometimes these holes/splits would be in several places along the strand and then come back together before getting to the end of the strand.

When I first noticed the splits, I was frequently wearing my hair in twistouts and I would put my hair in large twists every night before going to bed. I thought that maybe I was over-manipulating my hair, so I began wearing my hair in twists. I also was not using a protein conditioner, so I started using Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner month. But it seems like I’m seeing more of those strands and it appears to be worse at the back of my head where my hair is 4B. Now, I’m wondering if twisting my hair is causing this problem.

Going Natural Hair Care  My Routine

Here’s my routine: I wash my hair every two weeks with Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint shampoo. I use Aubrey Organics conditioner for deep conditioning (before each wash according to the instructions on the bottle) with a heat cap and Jane Carter conditioner after washing. I detangle with the Jane Carter conditioner. For twisting, I use either Carol’s daughter lock butter or Miss Jessie’s Buttercreme (just started using this, so I know it’s not causing the splits). During the summer months, I used rosewater and vegetable glycerin for a daily moisturizer.

During the winter, I’m using Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave In conditioner as a daily moisturizer and I use either jojoba, coconut or grape seed oil on my ends at night. I sleep in a satin scarf or satin bonnet on a satin pillow, I use no heat and my hair has not been straight in over 2 years. I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb only when it is wet and full of conditioner and I’m extremely gentle when combing and styling. Also, I rarely use a brush (Ihave boars hair for styling and denman for detangling), my hair is rarely pulled up and I don’t use damaging hair accessories. I have a pretty healthy diet, I workout on a regular basis and drink plenty of water. What am I missing? Other than these horrible strands, my hair appears to be healthy and full. It’s not dry and it’s growing well, but I have no idea what’s causing the splits. Can you please help? Thanks!

Answer from Yendys

OKay…without actually seeing this condition for myself, I feel like you may have experienced some form of highly stressful period, which could have caused a slight immune system interruption to her system. I’d say this could’ve been about 6-8 months ago or so. At this point this situation may not be repairable, although, I would suggest a continual use of liquid B-12 vitamin, especially during periods, like studying for exams, job changes, relationship challenges or any other highly stressful periods of time.
You say that you follow a healthy diet, I’d be curious to find out if you’ve done any form of detoxification. This would be another avenue to consider.Yendys is a Medicine Woman, born with knowledge of The Healing Arts from The Ancient Ones. As a Certified Holistic Practitioner, she specializes in guiding folks thru The 21-day Fast and or Master Cleanse. She has studied with Queen Afua and Dr. Llialla Afrika for many years.

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