Jasmine Natural hairstyle and story
Jasmine Natural hairstyle and story
Jasmine Natural hairstyle and story

Several reasons. One, I wasn’t satisfied with the condition my hair was in when I had perms.
Every time I got a perm, it would always burn and the time, I thought that burning meant it was
straightening my hair. But not only was it straightening my hair, it was weakening and ultimately destroying it. There was once a time in J.H.S that the entire back of my head was gone due to a bad perm job that I did on myself. Fortunately for me though, it grew back!

Secondly, the maintenance was becoming too costly.To constantly keep my hair fresh, I would have to go to the hair salon every week. I would sometimes do treatments, trim my ends, or get a different style besides the classic wash and set. I was going broke quick fast.

Thirdly, my boyfriend at the time, suggested that I go natural to see if it was for me.
He saw that I was struggling with the condition of my hair and he sensed my insecurities that were associated with it. Looking back, I am so grateful for his suggestion!

Name: Jasmine Thimothe
Profession/Location: Student, Brooklyn, NY

When and why did you start locking.
I want to start off by saying that I was a “loose natural” before I started my locks. Being a loose
natural was great however, I wanted length and it seemed that my hair wouldn’t grow. I began
looking at other natural styles when I came across locks. I hadn’t realized just how many styling options one could have with locks. I was sold!

What method did you choose and why?
I used the palm rolling method. My hair is extra kinky and coily so I found it easy to just pal roll and let it rock without having to worrying whether it would unravel or not.

What was the worst part of your journey?
The hardest part was dealing with very short locs. I don’t feel that with my face shape that short locs suit me. But I just had to deal with it and just be patient. Looking back, i kinda feel like my locs grew overnight! lol

And the best part?
I love all the different hairstyles I can achieve. Locs make seem like a boring hair choice but it is not; It’s extremely versatile.

What did your hair journey teach you?
Patience, patience, patience! lol. I also was able to get reacquainted with my hair in its natural state. And even though I had really awkward moments, I would change them one bit; the good, the bad and the ugly made me what I am today.

Describe your worst hairdo and your best hairdo and please include a picture if you can.
I’d say my worst hairdo was when I just started my locs. Because they were short, really couldn’t style them the way I wanted so I just have to deal with it.

My best hair do is when I have curls. They look great on me and I get tons of compliments on them. Some people don’t even realize that I have locs until I tell them!

Looking back, has your perception of your hair or black hair in general changed? Please elaborate.
My perception has changed a great deal. I think all women should be proud and unashamed of their hair in its natural state. I understand people can get restless and wanna try different things but there are other ways to achieve looks without damaging or altering the hairs natural state.

What is your favorite hairstyle?
curly bob

How long have you been a member and how did you find going-natural.com?

Quite some time (I don’t remember! lol)

What is your favorite youtube video?
This one


I love my hair because:
it helps me to enhance my natural beauty.

You can find Jasmine’s blog at: http://jazzyte.wordpress.com/


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