How to accessorize your protective Hairstyle

Updo with twist extensions

This year I like to try to go natural all over again. Back then extensions were one of my favorite styles. Yes, it takes a couple of hours to get them in and it takes even more time to take them out, but for two months it’s just getup and go.

Updo with twist extensionsThis time I choose twist extensions for a change. They look wonderful on most people so why not give it a try. I have to say that is was quite a success. I liked the twists especially because they looked quite natural. Many people, even my husband thought these were my own twists. I had to convince him a couple of times that this was really not my hair.

So I liked the style but boy did I need to get used to extensions again. Especially taking the twists out was a challenge. I used to take my braids out in a couple of hours without a problem. Now after taking 3 twists out I was thinking: How did I do that? So I just postponed the job of taking the extensions out and used some accessories to give it a fresh look. Here is the result.

Simple Combs

Got these tiny combs years ago just because I liked them. Didn’t know what I was going to do with them but now they came in handy. You can use them on any style. Just slide them in. They keep stray hairs twists and braids in place and they add color to your style.

If the hair in your face bothers you of if you like to wear a less wild style pin the sides in the back.

Updo For a change

You can spice up a simple roll with a large pin and a comb. A pin holds the roll in place and gives your style something extra. For a fresher look use a warm wet silk scarf and tie it around your hair for a couple of minutes.

Then there is the classical headband. Always handy. This one is available in the Going Natural Shop.

Another accessory I got somewhere in China Town. This one is for special occasions.

Hopefully you are inspired to use whatever accessories you have to make any old hairstyle look like new.

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