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Hair Show 2019

Join us for the What Naturals Love Hair & Fashion Show on August 17 in Brooklyn, NY. We are celebrating the 15th anniversary of Going-Natural.com, the longest running natural hair blog! You are more than welcome to join us giving homage to the salons, braiders and natural hair care entrepreneurs who kept Black Follicles alive, healthy and stylish.

  • Hairstylists and small businesses: Please get in touch.
  • Natural Hair Models: Please click here to register and upload five of your best photos. In the description please tell us about your hair, why you want to do the show, what you intend bring to the stage and your connection with (or how you heard about) going-natural. Also link to three outfits that you would want to wear during the show and three hair products you would like to try from WhatNaturalsLove.com.
  • Supporters, followers, members, please RSVP at RSVP Hair Show 2019.

To get a preview of this year’s models and stylists See the What Naturals Love Hair Show Gallery 2019
Check out videos and photos from earlier years

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