Bad News, Good News and Viola Davis

Viola Davis at the SAG Awards
Viola Davis at the SAG Awards
Viola Davis at the SAG Awards

It’s never fun to share bad news but I am glad that at least I also have great news to go along with it. So in the hope that you will be overjoyed for me and won’t hold the bad announcement against me, I will start sharing the latter first.

America’s Next Natural Model has been postponed till October this year. It was really a tough decision to make but all models who have applied have been briefed personally and you will get the chance to meet them soon. They are preparing their hair story for the Going Natural video diaries to introduce themselves to you just so you get an early chance to tell them what you think.

Needless to say postponing ANNM didn’t make me a happy camper but to be honest, and I am really sorry if I disappoint you here, the truth is the reason makes it absolutely worth the while for me. I hope you agree with me because I am invited to UMA! an Empowerment and Awareness Conference in my home country of Suriname!

Not only do I have the honor to speak at this wonderful empowerment conference for International Women’s Day but also to host my exhibition of Naturals of New York for the first time! The exhibit of natural hair portraits that I shot over the years will be on display for a week accompanied with workshops, the Going Natural Video Diaries and a conversation about natural hair in society.

I don’t know if you have watched the SAG Awards last nigth but Viola Davis won the award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series – “How to Get Away with Murder”.

I so extra happy for her because I remember the drama when she went to the awards with her short natural and Wendy Williams had to say something about it. Great to see that she came back with an even bigger natural with a winning speech we can definitely use to inspire women at the conference.

I can’t tell you how incredibly happy I am to share all of what I learn here at home. I promise you a full report complete with video just so you can’t be mad at me. I am telling you: Just Stay tuned!  



Going Natural nominated for the Master Pioneer Awards

There is more Good News! I’ve been holding on to this for a while but finally I am allowed to share it: Going Natural is nominated for the Master Pioneer Awards! If you think for one second that I am going to celebrate this alone without you, you better think again and read more about the Master Pioneer Awards and how you can join me.

Going-Natural Hair Events 2015

Your head must be spinning right now. It’s January and I already mentioned like three events. So in order for you not to get lost but so you can carefully plan the events you like to attend early on we keep track for what is going on.

Local events from natural hair meet ups to international hair shows are great to meet fellow natural heads, share experiences, be inspired and most of all check out the latest hair products.

We know it’s impossible to make each and every one of the events but tries its best to tell you at least the dates so you don’t have to miss out. Check out the list and see the ones we will be at.

You know we will be shooting, not just for our website but also for and

March 2 – 8  – at UMA!

Going-Natural is proud to be part of the 1st UMA Empowerment and Awareness Conference where we will be hosting our exhibition of African American hairstyles in Suriname for the first time.

September 15 – at the The Master Pioneer Award

Not because we are nominated, we reported about the Master Pioneer award before. See Master Pioneer Awards 2013. However now that we are nominated we want you there to celebrate with us!

October – America’s Next Natural Model Season 6

This is an online event but you can start checking the models out on

May 30th – June 1st  – at Boules d’Ebene

Going-natural is elated to be at Boucles ‘d Ebene, the largest Natural Hair Show in Europe where my book will be presented in French and we will be hosting the exhibit Naturals of New York together with a French photographer who portrays Naturals in Paris.

Here is the full schedule of Natural Hair Events 2015. If you are planning an event that isn’t listed, please just list it or send us info about what you have planned.

To see a collage of the events we visited last year see 2014 in Review


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