Yardley’s Vote for Challenge #5

Yardley’s Vote for Challenge #5

Yardley MesserouxThis week’s submissions were such a pleasure to read! With your words, you each took me to an uplifting place, so before I announce who I’ve chosen this week, let me first share some comments submitted by the contestants that made it such a ‘feel-good’ week.


Yardley MesserouxDesyray – One person’s testimony of victory can help so many others, so thank you for sharing your personal story. Along with “Free”, if you’d be so kind to allow me, I’d like to call you “Strong” as well–and beautiful in your photos to boot! As for your words, the following pierced my screen. “I realized that the abuse stemmed from the bitterness within the abuser and had NOTHING to do with me at all.” ~Desyray

Carlie – “I strive for naturality not only in my hair, but also in my diet, and my beauty products.” ~Kynx
Isn’t it funny how having natural hair works its way into our lifestyle? Great story, and your instructions on how you used the Kynx products were intuitive–and you had lovely photos!

Nefertiti – “I have never have and never will relax my hair, because the way I am is the way I am supposed to be.” Enough said! You took a risk in selecting all of the muses, and you pulled it off nicely.

Chassity – “Staying focused and taking care of what I allow to enter my headspace and innermost thoughts is paramount.” I think this lesson is priceless. Also, when you mentioned that your goal was to unleash your inner lioness in your photos–I truly believe you achieved that.~Chassity

Reshonda – “From the coily kynx of my hair standing proud and mighty like a Lion’s mane, a beautiful sunny day biking around town, having a good laugh, or enjoying the calm and silence with the wind gently blowing all around me……I AM NATURAL.” What a  gorgeous picture you painted. Now that’s a feel-good moment–especially when it’s reality. Beautiful words, beautiful hair!

Kala – “Although lettered and numbered systems try to box it into a category my natural hair is ULTIMATELY unique.” Powerful point you made. Your explanation on the true meaning of unqiueness in terms of our hair and other aspects of our individuality, being adventurous and more, was great! I also enjoyed the versatility in your photos.

Jalitia – “Being fierce is an attitude that is about being your best and doing your best. You can be a fierce student, a fierce athlete, or you can be a fierce business woman.” These are my favorite lines from your entry, because it is so true. And might I add this–I was going through your photos with my 6 year old niece, and she mentioned how beautiful you are. I also interjected and said, before reading your entry, it looks like she decided to do something different and went the creative artsy route with her photos. I actually thought the quality of your photos was intentional. So you hit the nail on the head when you shared: What I learned from this challenge is that no matter what happens, I have to work through it and not let the frustration of unexpected occurrences show in my photos. Good job.

My choice for this week’s winner: Chassity.
Your shots were absolutely fierce, which is what you intended. And you found a way to mention the ingredients and quality of the Kynx products that you used.

My choices for elimination: This is the worst part but, Jalitia and Nefertiti–going off photo comparison alone, as everyone shared something golden.

Good luck ladies. Until next week!


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