Yardley Messeroux

Yardley Messeroux

Yardley MesserouxYardley is the creator of The Coil Review www.TheCoilReview.com. It is a well -respected web magazine catered to women with an interest in natural hair; from those with a glimpse of intrigue to the most die-hard enthusiasts.

Yardley MesserouxYardley Messeroux is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Coil Review, living in New York City. For over a decade, Ms. Messeroux has acquired knowledge and insight on the subject of hair care for ethnic textures through extensive research, personal experience and advisement by respected industry professionals. Additionally, she is trained as an authentic Olive Oil Specialist at Olivier & Company, a premier Mediterranean olive oil retailer. 

After an unsuccessful attempt in opening a natural hair salon and information center in Manhattan, she passionately brainstormed a more effective and wider-reaching avenue that would fulfil the need for reliable information women could use to understand and love their natural hair texture. This passion inspired her to create The Coil Review – www.TheCoilReview.com.

Today, The Coil Review is a well-respected web magazine catered to women with an interest in natural hair; from those with a glimpse of intrigue to the most die-hard enthusiasts. It keeps readers in-the-know and savvy as it offers: reliable information, entertaining and thought provoking articles, the latest news in the natural hair community, celebrity updates, event announcements and visual inspiration—all while highlighting the beauty of coily and curly textured hair.

Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Yardley Messeroux, dedicates much of her time outside of her 9 to 5 responsibilities, to the readers of The Coil Review. She vowed years ago to create a resource on all things inspired by natural hair for Women of Color—bringing light to the beauty of their hair texture. June 2008 began the reality of that mission, and today she continues to strive forward with positivity and fervor.

“As a woman who has worn natural hair for most of my life, I’ve found that [when I was going natural] resources [were] out there, but [researched information was] definitely limited. So I wanted to create a reliable guide so women could learn about the beauty and versatility of their natural hair – and also to ultimately reset the stale standard of what is considered beautiful hair…a personal and professional goal of mine.” ~Yardley Messeroux, 2008

“Women in the natural hair community have gotten so savvy about their hair, and I can’t tell you how exuberant that makes me feel. Today, I want The Coil Review to continue to inform and inspire, and with that, beneficially contribute to the hair journeys that are about to begin, that have begun, and have been striving for several years. I want the ups and the downs and everything else that comes with embracing your natural self to be celebrated, on a daily basis. Our outer beauty in many ways reflects our inner beauty, so the more we celebrate both, the better and more whole we’ll feel. I want The Coil Review to contribute to that in the most positive and fabulous way! Ah, and resetting the stale standard of what is considered beautiful hair will always be a personal and professional goal of mine—until there is no more need.” ~Yardley Messeroux, Today

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