Another fab week! I’ve never heard of doodling but you ladies have definitely made me want to give it a try! my favourite image this week came from Ebony, it showcased her hair perfectly, was edgy and unique.



Ebony: this was my favourite shoot from you! your personality is really shinning through, your tutorial was great with clear and descriptive images, i also loved you after shots your hair looks amazing and you showcased your hair in every picture.


Timolin: this is such a cute look on you! you look so vibrant and fresh, and I’m glad you have shown a different side of yourself from the sultry minx from last week! you tutorial was also great and again very clear and worked well as a series.


Munya: i liked that you took your images away from a studio location, you images are always very professional but I’m glad to see a more relaxed Munya. your head tie tutorial seemed like it was missing a few stages, i have love to have seen how you tie up your locks under the wrap. you looked relaxed and i’m glad we have seen some of your personality.



Raven: I’m glad you listened to advice from last week and kept your tutorial images consistent and clear, your results were great the images were very clear and showcased your personal style, as well as your hair! i love the angles that you shoot they are very edgy and modern.


Natasha: your results are lovely and your hair looks very pretty, i would have like to have seen your images against a plain background and in focus, we need to see the details of the hair, so clear pictures are a must. also i like that you are being creative with photo shop but i would like to see a consistent theme running throughout the shoot.


Denitrika: your descriptions for what you were doing in your picture tutorial were a little too brief, more details would have been great, i liked that you got your close up and kept your images tight. your final pictures where nice, i like the textured background against your black top. i would have liked to see some more creativity with the shots.


Nina: i loved the colours running throughout your shots, they are so fresh and lively!, your tutorial was great to the description was very easy to fallow and i loved the shot of you and the tools you used. you style is shinning through each week and pictures are getting better and better. i also like the fact that you are changing your surrounding frequently and not getting to stagnent.

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